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++ This is the # 10 uploading of my today's FT quota.

++ WARNING: .. This is today's sunset scene in
UpsideDown/BottomUp position. It looks like an entirely
new scene, which, to me, is more beautiful. .. What
do viewers think of this funny play here?

++ I took this idea from FT member MARIJKE06, as
stated in her comment on one of my yesterday's
sunset fotos. THANKS, marijke06 ~~

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 18 2006 13:57 GMT deefer PRO
That is excellent, have a look at this, I've cropped your picture so it now looks like a view you might get from a satellite above the earth: http://links.pictures.aol.com/pic?id=8140giprbkpxTpEuJqdOacOoUoVQWgiIDOKDv4xQp5Fd3Ig=&size=l
Jul 18 2006 15:02 GMT magolino PRO
It fill like looking on space.... very clever.... I like it...!!!!
About the work of 'deefer'..... Excellent result... Bravo... 9/10.
Jul 18 2006 15:14 GMT marijke06
spacy!!!!! I think it works! very good :)
Jul 18 2006 16:06 GMT jamby PRO
Losp...this image is something you see when you´re on a plane...I love the creativity here!!! beautifully captured!!!
Jul 18 2006 16:58 GMT litz
this looks like an image of our planet earth taken from the space!!!
Incredible effect!!
Jul 18 2006 19:11 GMT helton
__________i'm speachless________________________________________
----------IN MY OPINION ... " THE PHOTO OF THE DAY "............................
.............EXPLENDID REFLEX LOSP !!!!!.........................................................
Jul 18 2006 21:01 GMT indiana
excellent photo!!
Jul 18 2006 21:05 GMT losp

1. deefer
2. justju
3. magolino
4. marijke06
5. jamby
6. Bahrain
7. litz
8. Helton
9. Other viewers of this foto image

My dear FT pals,

Your joys over this foto image are more important
to me than you praises/compliments to me. THANKS.

Pure luck in the production of this foto! .. (i) I just responded
to marijke06's suggestion/idea; (ii) I just playfully rotated
this last of my today's FT imagings (some 80 shots
altogether & 60% or more is FT imaging defective!); (iii) no
creativity involved & it just happened like that; (iv) I'm still
very ignorant over the tecnical aspects of most of those
fotography hardwares & softwares; (v) the scenes I already
have taken, happened to be there, and I just digitally
tick-tick-tick, like that of a common alarm clock.

And my warmest regards and best wishes to all of you,
esp over your great joys & pleasures in FT imagings,
from losp. ~~

Jul 18 2006 21:24 GMT losp

Indiana .. THANKS for your very kind, encouraging comment.
Regards and best wishes. ~~
Jul 19 2006 01:20 GMT bluefam
Jul 19 2006 01:29 GMT losp

bluefam .. Many THANKS for your very encouraging & supporting
comment over this foto image. .. Regards and best wishes. ~~
Jul 19 2006 02:08 GMT wifey
This is so strange… we need an upside down day… see what I mean…