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++ Another very teachable & disciplined +
smiling & happy kid in the DBCH garden !

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 13 2006 15:46 GMT jamby PRO
a genuine smile indeed!!! nice shot Losp!!!
Jul 13 2006 21:23 GMT losp

jamby .. Your appreciation/joy over this foto is also
my appreciation/joy. THANKS & SMILE SMILE SMILE ~~
Jul 13 2006 21:29 GMT losp

simisa .. THANKS for reminding me of getting away
from my most monotonous sunrise/rise daily visits
and foto captures and having positive changes to me
as well as to viewers. My intent on DBCH images:
despite those odds against them, they're still very
happy, contented and smiling. ... SMILE SMILE
SMILE in your own big ways and styles, Smisa ! ~~
Jul 15 2006 13:48 GMT litz
you have done too much favors for us losp... seeing those innocent smile behind miseries are really different.... thanks for your great effort and sharing some images of the DBCH.... it teaches some lessons of humility... for me, that is my opinion...sorry.
Jul 16 2006 14:39 GMT losp

simisa .. No need to be sorry. Your input is always welcome.
Yes, I must do the sunset/sunrise scenes + other FT areas
I happen to be interested in. My warmest regards and best
wishes to you. ~~
Jul 16 2006 16:10 GMT losp

itz .. It's all sharing and learning .. and hopefully
gaining more wisdom as we move on and on ..
you're right on those smiles vs their inner "hurtings".
THANKS .. Regards & wishes. ~~