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... Photo 05 .. Easter Sunday evening 16th April 2006 4.57 p.m... long, patient wait-&-observe and this is the best one I keep and the rest, I regret now, were deleted from my digital camera memory ! .. White + bluish clouds & no mist yet .. HIS rays/lights .. note the forested mountain ranges + some simple, rural homes (magnify this photo to note their presense) .. pure signs of HIS then risen Son Jesus .. and HIS boundless, perpetual glory hovering over darkness ...

.. What a wonderfu Easter Sunday that day !!!

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Comments on this photo:

Apr 28 2006 16:18 GMT onichek
Gorgeous image!
Apr 28 2006 16:19 GMT ganet
What a wonderful photo - you must do a series of skies at that spot - it must be a unique location to get such dramatic skies - thanks for posting it up!!
Apr 28 2006 16:27 GMT losp
Thanks. Please see the other 4 photo images painting "threatening" sunset over the mountains. Note the time gap of 1 minute per photo and those most unpredictable changes !! .. Regards & wishes from losp
Apr 28 2006 16:37 GMT losp
Ganet, happy you appreciate it; your suggestion is most welcome .. I've another 14 photo images taken some 20 minutes before those 4 "horrible" images (yes, I have my 1st chapter on 'darkness and despair' in some 30-minute time frame .. I'll do the 2nd chapter of "lights of hope", as suggested by you and thanks.) ... May be chapter 3 as well .. all under HIS willing. Regards from losp.

Apr 29 2006 14:51 GMT marijke06
this is great!! I like the light here...:)
May 01 2006 03:23 GMT uwp
This must be heaven
May 01 2006 03:32 GMT losp

Thanks. Photo taken on Easter Sunday evening .. same spot as those hell-like scenes as appeared in my other photo images ..

God-sent heaven ? Pray HE leads uwp to "heavenly" heights in photography. ... from losp

Note: please sometimes treat my writing as light humor type .. any offence is not intended and will be most regretted.
May 01 2006 13:46 GMT uwp
yes yes, I understand that you're almost as serious as I am...:)
But what shall I say? These are my thoughts to your pictures and we have free speech in these forums, eh? But you can be sure: I really like your pics!
May 01 2006 21:25 GMT Shawan
wow, very nice!
May 02 2006 16:24 GMT losp

Yes, I agree with your free speech + free thinking (included in your term definition?) thing. Why? Because your understanding as stated in your 1st line is true and how did it come about ? In my honest view, it is definitely not your free speech and your free thinking. May be your 6th sense, if you believe there is such ?

UWP, my concept and feeling on "seriousness" = it is relative, depending who and where one is + it must be within its allowable limits (haha, to be decided by whom?) + it has more positive than negative overtone (like good triumphs over evil) as long as one's reason and conscience is critically scrutinized . Ha ha, am I too serious here ?

UWP, your encouragement is very much appreciated. Thanks from losp.

May 03 2006 11:57 GMT Vanhakuhju
Beautiful !
May 03 2006 15:04 GMT losp

My personal thinking on its message = HIS lights !!

May HIS lights always enlighten Vanhakuhju and brightens his coming future for decades more .. from losp
May 03 2006 15:18 GMT losp

Sorry for not replying earlier. Thanks.

The picture was taken at the back kitchen of Catholic-run Don Bosco Children's Home .. In my view, such is HIS light. .. May HIS light continually shine more and firm on Marijke06 .. from losp
Dec 04 2006 05:53 GMT hamrahi
Wonderful sky.........................
Great shot:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Dec 04 2006 06:00 GMT losp

hamrahi .. THANKS for viewing my 6th foto of my
FT membership (as from 26/04/2006) & your big
compliment .. This helps reviving this old foto of
mine in the front FT display page .. Have another
great week ahead. ~~