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++ Some DBCH football team players .. Foto taken on 15 July 2006

.. The girl also wanted to be included for fotoing. The boys agreed
and jokingly made her the manager of the team, with her seating
in the middle row ! They are 2 meters from the entrance gate to
DBCH 2 adjacent hostels on the right hand side (one hostel for
50 boys and the other for 48 girls) ~~

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 20 2006 07:59 GMT deefer PRO
Great shot, have you started a hostel photo album?
If not you should as this would make a good addition.
Jul 20 2006 11:17 GMT azul
beautiful photo!
: )
Jul 20 2006 12:38 GMT losp

deefer .. THANKS for your good intent. Yes, and in addition,
we've fotos on the Kitchen, Store for foods, Study Rooms,
Library, Medicine Room, Laundry & Wash Room, Dining Hall,
Donors' visits etc + individual photos of most of these kids &
Group fotos. .. Regards & wishes ~~
Jul 20 2006 12:39 GMT losp

azul .. THANKS, regards and best wishes to you. ~~
Jul 20 2006 13:35 GMT litz
they were very happy of simple things.. happy to have someone who give them importance... they will grow with love in thier heart and well educated and receive good discipline from the warm persons that surrounds them.. that matters most!!! let may say that they are more lucky than the children around here ... they are rich materially but sickened morally & spiritually!
Jul 20 2006 13:51 GMT losp

litz .. My experience here tells me this: great discipline
here and they all fall into line with DBCH systems and
stuctures, though they have "hurtings" inside them +
most have lower than average IQ because of their
very poor, sad background + they are very "teachable"
and they can progress fast once their minds are set
truly free and independent => wanting to improve more.
Enough blah-blah-blah .. Regards & my best wishes ~~
Jul 21 2006 16:31 GMT jimm
umm, notice there is one child standing in back? all we see is arms and hands. terrific foto!