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++ .. Sunset 7.01 p.m. (very, very dark at the shore !!) .. 7 July 2006

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 07 2006 14:03 GMT deefer PRO
Another good shot.
Jul 07 2006 19:17 GMT helton
Losp...tellme a thing... how do you get some differents colors????
is natural ??? It's some effct photoshop..?? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 07 2006 19:20 GMT vipe
wow, beautiful shot!
Jul 07 2006 19:31 GMT Lie
Very, very beautifull colours, nice shot....
Jul 08 2006 00:02 GMT jimm
I like it...and this one is right side up. So, what is the light near center-left?
Jul 08 2006 09:06 GMT losp

deefer .. THANKS THANKS THANKS .. lol ..
Jul 08 2006 09:33 GMT losp

helton .. THANKS .. I just got back from Kundasang ..
tired & sleepy + dizzy head (+ football overhang + FT
fatigue + others).

It is all natural .. no editing or manipulation. Notice
those series in which 3/4/5 photos were post on my
FT pages (my intent is to indicate the fast changing
scenes + colors) .. This scene was the final exhibit
by the sunken-sun reflection, which most ignore or
don't know ! (7.01 p.m. = most dark at the sea shore
& see the darkened rocks at the bottom; 90%-NO alignment
appeared inside the camera lens or monitor + lights available
was from the sunken sun below .. I wish I had a better camera
to catch the scenes in better presentation .. how I got to this
result is all hard, patient work + common practical sense =
this scene here lasted not more than a minute + I had to strive
as many shots as possible, hoping the right or best one was
snapped despite these 80%+ failed shots i.e. with alignment on
the up/down sides! Experience tells me this: (i) compensation foto
snap + (ii) digital adjustment/correction immediately after replay
of last scene taken etc ) .. I hope you get my message .. lol ..
Jul 08 2006 09:40 GMT losp

jimm .. THANKS .. If I understand your comment correctly,
I say there is NO manipulation in this foto image. The white
dotted light is the ship's lights after dark (6.15 - 6.30 onwards)

I must say this foto is not that sharp at all !! I need a better camera
to catch such very distant scene with me at the very dark sea shore.
I need to learn from the foto professionals/experts !!

Best wishes in your progress/success in FT imagings in coming
days and weeks .. lol ..
Jul 08 2006 09:41 GMT losp

lie .. = Many THANKS for your appreciation of this
foto image here + your encouragement & support on
my FT imagings .. My best wishes .. lol
Jul 08 2006 14:32 GMT Ivojass
Very peaceful and promising evening!!! Good picture!!! 7p.m. is too early for sunset, isn't it?!:) Better at 9 p.m. or so:)
Jul 08 2006 15:18 GMT losp

Ivojass .. Sabah is in the equatorial (tropical) zone .. 12 hrs
daylights and 12 night hours .. Never there is sun setting at
9 p.m. in the tropic here .. THANKS for your kind comment
on this foto here .. Best wishes .. lol ..
Jul 08 2006 15:50 GMT Apus
This is another lovely scene, well chosen exposure. Dont worry about the very dark foreground , it helps to give the picture depth.
Jul 09 2006 01:21 GMT losp

Apus .. Many thanks for your observation and
advice/tip. I'm most poor on the technical aspects
of camera and fotography .. Even "exposure"
"iso" "AF assit beam" "white balance" etc don't
mean much to me = still struggling to understand
them !! .. Wishing you a very happy, joyous &
blissful weekend .. lol ..