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** Time and date : MORNING 8.20 a.m. .. Tuesday 9th May 2006

** Place: Likas Sports Complex & Lake

** Comment: Beautiful Reflection series
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Comments on this photo:

May 09 2006 04:20 GMT djm
May 09 2006 04:21 GMT gramizzle
This is so pretty, I love the reflection on this one..Very nice shot
May 09 2006 05:20 GMT losp
djm & gramizzle,

Thanks for your compliments, support and encouragement. Honestly, I'm still a beginner in photo-taking .. Even I still find my Canon digital IXUS 400 somewhat complicated for my handling !! God bless .. from losp
May 09 2006 07:15 GMT uwp
Yes! Your mirrored series is perfect!
May 09 2006 09:00 GMT deefer PRO
I think the word is stunning!
May 09 2006 11:50 GMT losp

Your word "perfect" launched me into the upside-down series !!! .. Your one word does the trick .. I hope my playfulness will not get me into troble with viewers who happen to innocently comment on them .. It is real good fun and deefer is real keen on it too. Thanks to guru UWP. God bless .. losp
May 09 2006 13:50 GMT uwp
Oh, c'mon, I'm not a guru. Before digital cams I've never been big into photographs and now I'm learning just as you do.
May 09 2006 14:04 GMT losp

Honestly,I picked up a lot of those tips from your fotothing page. I admire your direct, down-to-earth comments in the very beginning. Thanks. I won't use "guru" (actually, it is more out of respect from me to you !), my dear friend ump ... I'm sleepy and tired now because of those upside-down photo images deefer and I fooled around for last 2 plus hours ... Good night .. from losp
May 13 2006 06:16 GMT Minz PRO