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++ This 3-photo series today is dedicated to my good
FT friend, MAGOLINA from Australia. Fotos taken
yesterday on 7 July 2006 at Kundasang open market.
My FT MACRO image gift to you !!!!!!!!!!!!

.. May God speed his healing process & convalescence,
after a successful little transplant operation + in a better
& greater shape to meet the remaining 1/4 C (C = centruy)
positive challenges + meaningful services ..

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 09 2006 02:34 GMT magolino PRO
My Dear losp, I find difficulty in espressing my thanks to you...there are no words good enough to compensate....you are extremely kind-hearted...God Bless you..!!!!
Jul 09 2006 06:59 GMT deefer PRO
Beautiful colours.
Jul 09 2006 07:41 GMT losp

magolino .. THANKS .. I guess it just happens &
we're unexplainabaly linked over the FT connection.
Warmest regards, best wishes .. God bless .. losp
Jul 09 2006 07:42 GMT losp

Deefer .. THANKS TQ THANKS .. :o) lol ..
Jul 09 2006 09:06 GMT litz
you are so thoughtful and very kind hearted losp... no doubt!
May the DIVINE rewards you the best!
Jul 09 2006 09:25 GMT onichek
So many flowers!!!
Jul 09 2006 09:32 GMT losp

litz .. THANKS .. I took this flower series yesterday in Kundasang
When I returned to KK in the late afternnon and opened my FT pages,
Magolina informed me of his successful little transplant (I was not
told of his operation earlier on) => the flower fotos, by accident, are just
fitting in nicely for Magolina (without any planning !!) .. Haha, crazy me,
left for Kundasang by driving at 9.00 a.m and returned to KK by 5.15 p.m.
= 5 hours of driving time ! .. I was so tired last night that I didn't feel like
replying any comments from viewers + I missed the Germany-Portugal
game despite alarming clock in alerting noise play .. My head is still
dizzy .. Must watch Italy-France game in 9 and half hours time,
3 a.m. here Monday morning .. Good luck to Italy .. God bless .. losp
Jul 09 2006 09:43 GMT losp

onichek .. Luckily, I took fotos of them only and use
FT.com to present these to our dear friend Magolino.
I would go broke if I bought & sent these to Magolino,
who had a successful transplant operation from the
surgeon .. still on Macro learning on flowers (haha, I
studied your Macro flower series and have stolen a few
of your tricks from your bag lot .. lol .. !!!!!) .. Haha,
your Italy choice tonight and hope you're right in your
feeling .. Regards & wishes .. lol ..

Jul 09 2006 09:51 GMT onichek
Good luck with the macro experiments! And... GO ITALY!!!