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.. Sunrise at 6.26 a.m. and photo taken at the garden of Bundu Tuhan Catholic Church & Retreat Centre, which is next to the Don Bosco Children's Home. Bundu Tuhan is a village in Kundasang, next to world famous Mt Kinabalu and the Sabah National Park, a declared World Heritage Site. Tropical Sabah is a state in the Federation of Malaysia.
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 26 2006 21:42 GMT Shawan
May 01 2006 09:23 GMT AllanOlsson
A very nice picture with dramatic sky.
May 01 2006 10:08 GMT losp

.. Thanks, my dear AllanOlsson .. you're already in paradise on earth (I refer to that great photo of reindeer etc )

.. As I alreafy stated to you, I'm still a very beginner in photography. Ho ho, even I find my digital Canon IXUS 400 too complicated for my handling, let alone taking good photos !!

.. I am listening and am willing to learn .. Any tips from your 50 years of fine photgraphy experience ?.. I've to run through your fotothing site soon; and then observe and hopefully, succeed in "stealing" one or two of your 50-yr-old-bag of camera tricks and magic.

.. Best wishes from losp

Note: I like to type in humor manner, what do you think?
May 08 2006 13:04 GMT mormore
this one more peaceful but beutiful...
May 08 2006 13:46 GMT losp

Thanks .. I love this photo .. such beautiful, peaceful sunrise scene ... God bless.
Aug 14 2006 14:24 GMT Laurie
Beautiful blues, and as always, a beautiful capture..
Aug 14 2006 14:28 GMT losp

Laurie .. THANKS .. Your great support is deeply appreciated.
God bless. ~~
Sep 10 2006 15:57 GMT Studio88
losp, Your work is Superior - Enjoy viewing your photos always!!!
Sep 10 2006 21:34 GMT losp

Studio88 .. THANKS .. Your great support
& encouragement over some of my FT sunset
and sunrise scenes is very much appreciated.
Wishing you plenty more superb fotography in
coming months/years. Regards & God bless. ~~
Feb 20 2007 01:33 GMT noe10s
great begining too ! :)
Feb 20 2007 15:31 GMT losp

noe10s .. THANKS for appreciating my FT beginning scene ..
My intent: showing the begin creation of heavens and earth
by the Almighty One .. Light & Darkness (day and night) etc ~~
Apr 02 2007 19:37 GMT Maurabia
i love also this pic
Apr 03 2007 01:02 GMT losp
Maurabia .. It is a wonderful place here: for most
of the days of the year, there is a DAILY mixture of
temperate (autumn cool) + tropical (summer sunshine) ..
At the bottom left corner, next to the banana plants,
there is a little viewing shed + 2 seating benches => I
love to seat there during day time and night time in
self analysis & reflection .. Best wishes.
May 17 2007 15:09 GMT alicewise
Absolutely beautiful sky!
May 21 2007 01:54 GMT losp
Alicewise .. THANKS for your very kind, supportive comment.
Best regards & wishes to alicewise & her family. ~~
Nov 06 2007 00:19 GMT paraemanitapolis
great shot
Mar 18 2008 12:32 GMT tcw
Very beautiful shot !
Jun 27 2008 15:06 GMT iiluu
Kaha na payar hai . . :-) what a hit . . Song4u.
Aug 02 2008 17:00 GMT pnew
Very very Happy Friendship day :-)...lovely Pretentious view.....

What a start dear....
Aug 12 2008 02:38 GMT darya4
breath taking
May 03 2009 11:22 GMT jilalikar
A very nice picture with dramatic
Jun 01 2009 19:01 GMT hamrahi
Very beautiful..