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.. SUNRISE KUNDASANG (Photo 04 at 6.39 a.m.) .. rising sun almost above the mt ranges on this morning Saturday 6th May 2006 (a series of 4 photos from 6.33 a.m. to 6.44 a.m.)

.. The Church, next to Don Bosco Children's Home is at bottom left corner.
Mt Kinabalu (4,077 metres high) and Kinabalu National Park (World Heritage Site !) at the top and right sides

.. Note: the clouds versus very thick fog/mist in the huge valley; big, round, beaming white ball of the rising sun (minus the top and bottom channel of lights); forested mountain range; blue sky; and a little rainbow (??) or just reflected sunray colors ? .. the fast changes within some 13 minutes are remarkable phenomenom
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Comments on this photo:

May 06 2006 21:25 GMT uwp
Great picture!
May 07 2006 00:25 GMT losp

One or two tips for beginner losp, OK .. I'm willing to learn and improve .. WHY uwp thinks it is a great picture? .. To me, every viewer sees a different scene according to his/her perception .. as you wrote to me on my "welcome to hell" scenes ... it is ART well created, if and if ... (this tip rings loud and clear in my brain)

uwp, Is it a balanced image? Should I go for more trees .. less blue sky? Yes, your "compromised thing" on the electricity wires in my sunset photo ! Thanks from losp
May 07 2006 15:29 GMT ganet
Hi Losp - This is a lovely photo plus I like your latest series with the reflections - they're very good
May 07 2006 15:46 GMT losp

Thanks for your big tip: do the "series thing" + at one appropriate spot .. I'm doing it with the lake (5-10 minutes' from my home) now; tomorrow evening and following one, I will drive another 5-10 minutes to go to Likas Bay where I will take the beautiful sunsets above the sea horizon or behind the islands (so near and beautiful and yet no photo-taking until only recently).

Remember: your optimism .. the lights VS my earlier "hellish sunset" ... this Kundasang (2 hours drive from my home !!) sunrise series I did yesterday morning is a result of your comment !! Thanks.
May 07 2006 19:09 GMT Vanhakuhju
Stunning light ! Silhouettes of mountains and trees ! Nice composition !
May 08 2006 13:22 GMT deefer PRO
Very good. :o)
May 13 2006 06:12 GMT Minz PRO
Soooo lovely!
May 13 2006 16:33 GMT Michall
Very good capture and composition! very nice photo

You have here great photos :) really nice series:) congratulations :)
May 15 2006 09:12 GMT losp

Your supporting comments over some of my series are most appreciated .. this will spur me on to do better in coming onths .. Big TQ ...