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++ This 3-photo series today is dedicated to my good
FT friend, MAGOLINA from Australia. Fotos taken
yesterday on 7 July 2006.

.. This MACRO lotus flower = Buddha's flower, is in
the pond of the huge Chinese Temple here .. its
blessings to Magolina as well ..

.. May God speed his healing process & convalescence,
after a successful little transplant operation + in a better
& greater shape to meet the remaining 1/4 C (C = centruy)
positive challenges + meaningful services ..

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 09 2006 01:51 GMT 7leucb
nice macro
Jul 09 2006 03:00 GMT magolino PRO
Dear losp thankyou for your thoughts....you are a true friend.....Thankyou !!!!!!
Jul 09 2006 06:58 GMT deefer PRO
Nice macro shot.
Jul 09 2006 07:33 GMT losp

7leucb .. Many THANKS for your appreciation of this
foto image here + your encouragement & support on
my FT imagings .. My best wishes .. lol
Jul 09 2006 07:34 GMT losp

magolino .. THANKS .. Waiting for more great
FT imagings from you !!!!!!!!!!!! .. God bless.. losp
Jul 09 2006 07:35 GMT losp

deefer .. THANKS .. :o) lol ..
Jul 09 2006 09:01 GMT litz
Splendid macro losp.... congratz!
Jul 09 2006 09:21 GMT losp

litz .. THANKS .. I really tried hard to select this one
(from some 30 Macro shots I shot yesterday) for my FT
MAGOLINA friend from Australia. I must say most of them
are good, unlike the late sunset scenes (after 6.30 p.m. &
very dark at the shore) in which 80% plus of these shots
(can be up to 50!) were off in alignment. Why? So dark,
the alignment line was like NOT there at all !!!!!

.. To me, the angle of the camera matters most when pointing
at the targetted area/s for Macro shot => a balanced Macro
VS a very sharp Macro + blurred other areas. I often favor
balanced Macro for my shots (a better camera can do better
than the one I now have) .. blah3 over here .. lol .. Best wishes ..

Jul 09 2006 09:28 GMT onichek
Oh, this is beautiful!
Jul 09 2006 09:48 GMT losp

onichek, I'm happy one of my Macro teachers say so !! THANKS.
Please don't bill me !!!!!!!! .. lol ... Have a great time while watching
tonight's big game .. Best wishes ..
Jul 09 2006 09:52 GMT onichek
Me? Teaching? You're kidding me, right? I'm just playing and experimenting -- kind of like you!!!
Jul 09 2006 09:58 GMT losp

onichek .. You forgot your tip: a bigger file for each Macro foto
and I've been doing this for the last 2-3 weeks !! The results are far
better when compared with those smaller image files. THANKS !!!!
Jul 10 2006 09:37 GMT glassica
I love this!!!!!!! Wonderful, beautiful flower!!!!
Jul 10 2006 13:04 GMT losp

glassica .. lotus flower, which the Buddhists respect
and love most .. THANKS for your love of this flower
and it is my intent to upload some more lotus images
(for my MACRO learning) in coming days & weeks.
Best wishes .. lol ..