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++ PLEASE note this foto here, like the PREVIOUS/EARLIER
one, are rotated twice to give the UpsideDown-BottomUp
position !!! .. lol lol lol .. very, very funny. The upsideDown
world is really more beautiful in the previous foto !! .. And FT
member Lofox spotted it: exchange sky scene for water scene !!

In this foto here, the bottom half is very beautiful indeed: slum units
becoming certain apartment units !!

The top half is disgustingly ugly: with rubbish items in the sky
+ tree in the sky !!!!!!!!!!

.. Sorry for being playful and hope viewers do get a good laugh over it !!

.. Foto taken this morning 9 JUly 2006 .

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 09 2006 11:47 GMT fredaH
stunning position shot...would be nicer seeing u upside-down too ;P
hiihih...great reflection on it.
Jul 09 2006 11:55 GMT litz
yes losp, funny.. but.. what a wonderful world we had if those rubbish here on earth will be vanished and replaced with that clean water/surface...lol... no..no..upside down heheheh.....i want a clear sky horizon... lol... no rubbish to fall on me...
hehehehehehe happy to know by your mood that you are ok today losp...
Have a rewarding Sunday my friend.... take rest and take care...
Jul 10 2006 09:36 GMT glassica
Really great reflections!!!
Jul 10 2006 12:41 GMT losp

glassica .. Yes, I managed to turn slum houses into apartment
units. I love to play with reflections. THANKS for your appreciation,
which serves as an encouragement to me to do better. Best wishes
to you .. lol ..
Jul 10 2006 12:46 GMT losp

fredaH .. Easy .. just altering one's sleeping styles !!!!!
Eh, I managed to turn slum housing units into apartment
units ! .. Sometimes when one's life is upside down, it
can be more fun and more beautiful !!! .. THANKS for your
appreciation of this funny foto of mine !!!!!!!!! .. lol ..
Jul 10 2006 12:50 GMT losp

litz .. THANKS .. Eh, sometimes while lying bed, I see lizard
walking upside down; but I don't see mosquitos flying upside down
.. Haha, political leaders often paint the opposites with flying colors;
and surprisingly, many or most believe in them !! .. lol ..
Aug 01 2006 02:41 GMT pyroscam
Aug 01 2006 02:47 GMT losp

pyroscam .. I'm very happy you've appreciation/joy
over this upside-down image. THANKS, REGARDS
& BEST WISHES to you. ~~