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.. Sunrise (Photo 03 at 6.34 a.m.) from behind mt ranges .. and now sun climbing, some 80%, above the mt ranges on this morning Saturday 6th May 2006 (a series of 4 photos at 6.33 a.m. to 6.44 a.m.)

.. The Church, next to Don Bosco Children's Home is at bottom left corner.
Mt Kinabalu (4,077 meteres) and Kinabalu National Park (World Heritage Site !) at the top and right sides

.. Note: fantastic beaming/sparkling of the white ball of the rising sun + top and bottom long channels of lights, some 90% above mt ranges; forests; sky less blue (why?); reflected sunray colors; looks gloomy except the huge, shinning white sun
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Comments on this photo:

May 06 2006 14:54 GMT rose79
have a nice day!
May 06 2006 15:04 GMT losp
Salam, rose79 .. lights from the Almighty One always upon you .. losp
May 08 2006 13:21 GMT deefer PRO
Nice, but maybe a little too full on in the lens.
May 08 2006 13:41 GMT losp

I'm a very beginner .. everything is put in automatic gear (same for each photo in this "light"series) .. I even don't understand many mechanisms of my Canon IXUS 400 !! ... It is all beginner's luck, if my photo images do score well. .. Be advised the earlier series like the "light", the "horrible", the kids and the Church garden etc are all related to the Don Bosco Chidren's Home, some kind of an orphange (Brother Ben, already 50 yrs there in Kundasang, Dutch, is doing HIS duties and services + Sister Leonie are in charge .. see the group photo ... )

deefer, most grateful and thankful for your concern, support and care of us here in the Orphanage .. God always bless you .. from losp
May 08 2006 14:12 GMT deefer PRO
Thank you losp, I understand. :o)
May 08 2006 14:29 GMT losp

If I can remember correctly, my intent at that point in time and space = concentrate on the sun (before rising .. climbing slowly .. then fully out on top of the mountain ranges) .. yes, I also take into account the clouds VS the thick mist in the huge valley .. Mt Kinabalu is some 4,100 metres high ... see 1st photo of this series = the Church and Mt Kinabalu are shown .. and I took those 4 photos from the Church's dormitory. ... Hope you don't mind my blah-blah-blah and my very bad habit of rushed thinking, hasty typing and little re-checking my typed texts = more errors ... God bless .. losp
May 08 2006 16:15 GMT deefer PRO
Not at all, keep up the good work. :o)