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livemusic singing fun yellow lorri como columbiamo ssion mojos


Columbia, MO
May 3, 2004

What a show this was! Fun, Fun, and more Fun!


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Jan 25 2006 16:31 GMT kosmos PRO
It sure looks like fun :)

Welcome back! Long time no see :)
Jan 25 2006 16:35 GMT lorri PRO
Thank you. Thought I should drop by and post a new picture.
Jan 25 2006 17:24 GMT Lensvision
Nice costume. Welcome back.
Jan 25 2006 19:05 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Really great - welcome back!
Jan 26 2006 01:41 GMT ashdad PRO
Quite the outfit! Welcome back.
Jan 26 2006 04:30 GMT lorri PRO
Thanks everyone! I miss you all. I've been far too busy with posting news articles about political stuff on Myspace.com and still posting all my band pics on Flickr.

Hope everyone is having a great new year so far. :)
May 15 2008 04:50 GMT victoto
Lorri......to retouch a pic ( kvasir's pic ) I used your singer's pic ......but I can't find it again to make credits or references....I'm sorry.....if uncomfortable or illegal plz say it, I immediately delete it....great saludos......( it's my # 66 pic )
May 18 2008 17:32 GMT Princepopmusic
I wanna join urs music group... :-)))
May 18 2008 20:38 GMT lorri PRO
Princepopmusic, I post my photos on Flickr now.


There are a lot of different music groups to join there. :)
May 18 2009 02:13 GMT Princepopmusic
This very superb and cool pic ,waiting for some especial person,to join....

you so caring after long time, i am able to see urs reply.

good *:-)
May 18 2009 03:31 GMT Princepopmusic
Yo creative thoughts welcome in....cool music party.
Jul 03 2009 03:38 GMT cdc PRO
great capture