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These photos of this fungi do not do it justice. It really looked stunning.

Best in original view.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 07 2011 23:57 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
I always find it interesting that one end of a log will be covered in fungi while the other end... not so much. Interesting stuff!
Feb 07 2011 23:58 GMT lizzieb
I am with you there!!!!!
Feb 08 2011 04:37 GMT teddybear2
I have a fungi growing here that looks simalar. Mine is growing on a silver birch trunk which apparently this fungi like
Feb 08 2011 05:46 GMT Annamaria
Lovely shot... nice fungi!!
Feb 08 2011 06:45 GMT marijke06
nice find!
Feb 08 2011 08:21 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Some very striking fungi here Lizzie!
Feb 08 2011 11:01 GMT abojovna PRO
Those grow on dead trees! Beautiful photo!
Feb 08 2011 16:06 GMT peterpinhole
Wonderful find!
Feb 08 2011 17:53 GMT senna3
What a wealth of mushrooms, beautiful view!
Feb 08 2011 22:19 GMT lizzieb
I have no idea what this tree was Shirley. But it could well have been a silver birch as we do have quite a few in the wooded areas around where I live.
Feb 08 2011 22:19 GMT lizzieb
Thank you Annie xx
Feb 08 2011 22:20 GMT lizzieb
Thank you Marijke :-)))
Feb 08 2011 22:22 GMT lizzieb
Thanks Thor. We have a lot of different types of fungi where I live. Along with rare plants etc. I am very lucky to live where I do. My only bug bear is that I have a longish way to go to the nearest river. Though we do have 3 small ponds they do not have an awful lot around other than the usual mallards etc. Mind you I like to see them too!!!!!
Feb 08 2011 22:24 GMT lizzieb
Yes Claudia, mostly on dead trees or tree stumps. Its a very striking fungi and can come in different colours, as a previous photo of mine shows.. http://www.fotothing.com/lizzieb/photo/483750795711f7e347896e62bb2c497a/
Feb 08 2011 22:25 GMT lizzieb
Thank you Peter, glad you like it.
Feb 08 2011 22:26 GMT lizzieb
Peter, we are so lucky with our fungi around here. Sometimes when I go out to take photos I only look for fungi if I know there is lots around.
Feb 10 2011 20:42 GMT Znuber
Beautiful - never saw anything like these!!!
Feb 10 2011 21:05 GMT lizzieb
Thanks Znuber, we get a lot of this fungi around the woods close to my home.
Feb 10 2011 21:15 GMT sini
Nice find and shot!:)