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for Denise photo 5 - gloves going into the envelope before being posted off to Maniacmom!

Please start with photo one of the gloves lol.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 10 2008 11:35 GMT abojovna PRO
Elegant! Very nice :-)!
Oct 10 2008 11:38 GMT lizzieb
Again a very big thank you Claudia, glad you like the series.
Oct 10 2008 17:16 GMT sini
Haha! Great series!:)
Oct 10 2008 18:18 GMT dougrun PRO
Lizzie, thanks for making my day, not having a very good one so far but you brought a smile to my face!! :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Oct 10 2008 19:34 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
A great series and story :-))
Oct 10 2008 20:11 GMT lizzieb
Thank you very much Mary, have a good weekend:-))
Oct 10 2008 20:12 GMT lizzieb
Sorry you are not having a good day Doug - I hope it improves. Glad I made you smile :-))
Oct 10 2008 20:13 GMT lizzieb
Thanks Sini, have a great weekend :-))
Oct 10 2008 20:14 GMT lizzieb
Thank you Dorado, have a good weekend too :-))
Oct 11 2008 06:16 GMT eleni78 PRO
i like those pink gloves series:))
Oct 11 2008 08:07 GMT yvon
funny series
Oct 11 2008 09:27 GMT lizzieb
Thanks Eleni, was a great bit of fun taking these photos!
Oct 11 2008 09:28 GMT lizzieb
lol - yes yvon :-))
Oct 11 2008 16:44 GMT Dorado
Nice photo!
Oct 11 2008 21:01 GMT beus PRO
Very nice:-))
Oct 11 2008 21:35 GMT lizzieb
Thank you Juan :-))
Oct 11 2008 21:35 GMT lizzieb
And thank you too Beus :-))
Oct 12 2008 02:02 GMT ManiacMom PRO
Lizzie...I finally made it. :) This series is so great. What an adventure and work you and James did for me. Thanks so much you guys!!! I will have to take a picture of those gloves for my page. Let me think about what I am going to do with them.
Oct 12 2008 11:10 GMT lizzieb
Glad you got here and like the series. Yes it was fun doing this with the gloves - just a pity that after all that they were too small for you hehehe.
I will be interested to know what you do do with them - you must message me to let me know you have uploaded the photo so I do not miss it :-))
Oct 12 2008 15:27 GMT iyerhari
colorful and protective:)
Oct 12 2008 17:52 GMT bennystr
Fascinating series... :-) looking forward for the next chapter on MM page...
Oct 12 2008 18:35 GMT jakjak
my daughter would love those gloves too lizzie
Oct 12 2008 18:55 GMT lizzieb
Thanks you Iyerhari :-))
Oct 12 2008 18:56 GMT lizzieb
lol Jak, unfortunately only one pair was hanging on branches in the woods - theres an empty lager can if that is any good?
Oct 12 2008 18:57 GMT lizzieb
Oh me too Benny :-))
Oct 13 2008 03:12 GMT Poulet PRO
Very cute and funny series. :))
Oct 13 2008 08:10 GMT lizzieb
Thanks Jyab, glad you think so lol.
Oct 14 2008 16:31 GMT jakjak
nah your ok lizzie ,think i will give it a miss lol.