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London Landmarks!

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 23 2009 17:49 GMT crunch61
Nice one lizzie, i like it :-))
Jan 23 2009 17:55 GMT lizzieb
Thanks Dennis!
Jan 23 2009 18:13 GMT bennystr
Wonderful landmarks!
Jan 23 2009 18:21 GMT yvon
I am so happy that i have seen this on a holiday!
Jan 23 2009 19:09 GMT Pea2007
Nice shot........great entry
Jan 23 2009 19:30 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Very nice collage entry!
Jan 23 2009 19:37 GMT jomoud PRO
Great collage
Excellent entry for this week's theme.
Great that you did not forget about the theme despite FT being down:)
Have a wonderful weekend.
Jan 23 2009 19:44 GMT sini
Great collage for landmarkfriday!:)
Jan 23 2009 20:14 GMT csabi
great work and entry !
Jan 23 2009 20:18 GMT lynnj04
Lovely entry :-))
Jan 23 2009 21:15 GMT ManiacMom PRO
you've got some good ones, there. excellent work and collage!
Jan 24 2009 07:50 GMT alhoafun
oooh spoilt for choice! what is that modern bullet shaped building?
Jan 24 2009 16:59 GMT lizzieb
Alhoafun, thank you for viewing my photos. The modern bullet shaped building is commonly known as 'the ghurkin' lol. Because of its shape. It can be seen in the far distance from the downs close to where I live.
Jan 24 2009 17:00 GMT lizzieb
Thanks Benny!
Jan 24 2009 17:01 GMT lizzieb
I am happy for you too Yvon, London is full of wonderful old and modern buildings etc.
Jan 24 2009 17:01 GMT lizzieb
Thank you Pea2007 and thank you for viewing my photos.
Jan 24 2009 17:02 GMT lizzieb
Thanks Mary!
Jan 24 2009 17:02 GMT lizzieb
Thanks Jomoud. I actually got this ready the day before ft went down so only had to upload it yesterday once I knew ft was back!
Jan 24 2009 17:03 GMT lizzieb
Thanks Sini!
Jan 24 2009 17:03 GMT lizzieb
Thank you Csabi, and thank you for viewing my photos.
Jan 24 2009 17:03 GMT lizzieb
Thanks Lynn!
Jan 24 2009 17:04 GMT lizzieb
Thank you Denise!
Jan 25 2009 05:42 GMT teddybear2
awesome entry. Missed doing this week with everything being down. Realised how hooked I am to fotothing when I was able to log on
Jan 25 2009 16:30 GMT lizzieb
Thanks honey - pity you missed it this week. I guess you are not the only one hooked on this site - lol !!
Jan 25 2009 19:01 GMT dougrun PRO
Plenty of landmarks in London!! Nice selection.
Jan 26 2009 16:58 GMT jakjak
love the sites great one lizzie
Jan 29 2009 15:59 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful collage!