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For Denise - oh sooooooo delicious, hope you are enjoying yours still cos I am enjoying mine. Very very much!!!!
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 09 2008 08:04 GMT Snappa
Oh Yum, my favourite!
Aug 09 2008 08:05 GMT Midworlder PRO
Looks just the thing for a Saturday morning
Aug 09 2008 08:06 GMT lizzieb
With real butter tho and not cream. I prefer my scones buttered!!
Aug 09 2008 08:07 GMT lizzieb
Oh yes Roger. I hope you tried the Devon cream teas whilst you were in Westward Ho!!
Aug 09 2008 08:21 GMT Midworlder PRO
No ... a couple of Devon Lagers though :)
Aug 09 2008 08:45 GMT crunch61
Where's mine? I could just about manage one or two of them for breakfast!! :-))
Aug 09 2008 08:57 GMT Misato12k
ouuuu that looks delish :)))))
Aug 09 2008 09:45 GMT kiekie
Aug 09 2008 09:46 GMT lizzieb
Ok Dennis, they are in the post to you as I type (I am such a liar!!!)
Aug 09 2008 09:47 GMT lizzieb
Oh yes very very delicious!!!
Aug 09 2008 09:47 GMT charlotte
Aug 09 2008 09:47 GMT lizzieb
:-)))) Kiekie
Aug 09 2008 09:48 GMT lizzieb
And I am going to have more later - they are that good. Especially the jam!!!
Aug 09 2008 12:17 GMT gosienka
what a delicious photo :)
Aug 09 2008 12:38 GMT Poulet PRO
Looks so yummy!! ;))
Aug 09 2008 12:52 GMT lizzieb
It sure is gosienka :-))
Aug 09 2008 12:53 GMT lizzieb
I can whole heartedly recommend scones and home made raspberry jam!!!
Aug 09 2008 15:05 GMT lincspur
mmmmmm :-P
Aug 09 2008 16:25 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Your recommendation is so tempting Lizzie :-)
Aug 09 2008 17:37 GMT lizzieb
:-))) lincspur
Aug 09 2008 17:37 GMT lizzieb
Toooooo tempting Mary!!!
Aug 09 2008 18:03 GMT aquiles PRO
Aug 09 2008 18:05 GMT lizzieb
lol thank you aquiles my friend.
Aug 11 2008 16:06 GMT dougrun PRO
Lizzie, I am glad you are enjoying the jam so much! Denise did an outstanding job! Scones, butter, jam, it doesn't get much better than that! I was worried about the jars, I did the packing and would have been in big trouble if they didn't make it!! :-))
Aug 11 2008 16:20 GMT ManiacMom PRO
ah...lizzie! so glad that it got there safe and sound and that you are enjoying it. I had some on Sat., too, but mine was on saltine crackers with cream cheese. LOL I'd eat it out of the jar if doug wouldn't give me funny looks. Enjoy!
Oh..you scones are a great shot, too! :)
Aug 11 2008 17:05 GMT lizzieb
You packed really well Doug, I loved those air packs you put the Jars in, held them wonderfully!!
Aug 11 2008 17:07 GMT lizzieb
Denise I love cheese and jam together - some people think I am mad. But I remember a decorator in our house once, when I was a child. He always had cheese and jam sandwiches. And as I used to hate all cheese except Dairylea then it was something for me to eat some of his sandwiches!! Your jam is very very tasty indeed and I love it!!