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The Interior

The Paolina Chapel
After walking through the main aisle at the height of the Confession, we can cross to the right wing ( facing to the main door) of the transept and the symmetrical counterpart to the Sistine Chapel, The Paolina Chapel, named after the POpe Paul V, who is buried there. It was built by the architect Flaminio Ponzio, Pope Paul V called on Moderno to build the facade pf St. Peter's in the Vatican City, upon which the name of the Pontiff stands out in the letters, in the gigantic dedicatory inscription.

Details of the Paolina Chapel...
......... dome of the chapel.....
The frescoes that decorate the walls and the ceiling of the chapel, made by artists such as Cavalier d'Arpino, Cigoli, Lanfranco, and most of all, Guido Ren, one of the most representative painters of his age are of fundamental importance to knowledge about Roman painting in the baroque period. ...
>>> to be continued to the left wing.....>>>>>>>>
PS... Dear friends,
I'd like to thank you for your continues inspiring support..
and my excuses for not visiting your page...! I am so busy
in the preparation of my long break (vacation)...i am just
uploading my last photo series taken in this Basilica...!

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Comments on this photo:

Feb 09 2007 13:20 GMT rohtas
we will miss you too Litz... have a nice holidays!
Feb 09 2007 13:33 GMT EveCN
such a grand pic!
Feb 09 2007 13:59 GMT rhynnligwak
great series once again litz
and travel safe

going back home will not
restrict you from visiting us
even once in awhile i hope
we will miss you

we are sending our
prayers to your mom
Feb 09 2007 15:48 GMT sini
amazing ceiling!
Feb 09 2007 17:10 GMT xevirbs
Have a happy break, and come back with plenty of beautiful images.
Feb 09 2007 18:19 GMT LizSA
Have a happy break my dear.....still 2 more days....only the weekend for
you to get things ready.......
we will keep ourselves busy looking at your latest uploads.....
lots of planning....but we may still say our final goodbyes on Sunday....
final not as in final....but safe trip goodbye's...!
I like these entries....but will go and comment on the valentine fridaya entries now....!!! next week I will take my time to loook at these entries...these architechture entries needs a lot of time..to look at them..!!