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Internationl Airport of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Internationl Airport of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 16 2006 15:42 GMT rock
so strange!!!!!!!!!
Jun 16 2006 16:52 GMT litz
rock symetric architecture i think !!!!
the center with people standing are some screen computers to check your flight!!!
very neat here... with the lights on the ceiling reflecting the floor!!!
Jun 16 2006 18:03 GMT wifey
What an interesting place! Thank you for sharing this. Great image.
Jun 16 2006 18:16 GMT hallo
Jun 16 2006 21:12 GMT jomoud PRO
nice photo
and a very enjoyable series of your travel
thank you
Jun 16 2006 21:13 GMT AllanOlsson
Wow, you have done a very interesting trip to Asia. I have checked all your pictures and enjoyed very much.
Jun 16 2006 21:58 GMT helton
Ops ... This is the contry of my friend Losp Litz !!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW!!!!!!!!! Excellent capture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B R A V O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!B R A V O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!B R A V O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 16 2006 23:04 GMT bluesky
ohhh i love the place!
thanks for your comments litz..well appreciated.
Jun 17 2006 09:16 GMT Poulet PRO
Great perspective shot, Litz !!!! :)))
Jun 17 2006 11:47 GMT litz
Friends, thank you very much for appreciating and your warm comments would encourage me to do more, and experiment that gain good results....

i started travelling up high since 1986 but never i took photographs before this series... yes, i took some amazing scenes from my vediocamera yr 2000...

once again thank you all...have a pleasant weekend...
Jun 18 2006 22:53 GMT ahmetturker
Wonderful serie.!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 19 2006 03:28 GMT losp

Great shot of the international airport of the capital city of Malaysia !! .. Sabah
is another 2 hours' flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport over the South
China Sea .. Have you been to Sabah? .. Regards & wishes ..
Jun 19 2006 10:42 GMT litz
thanks ahmet for appreciating the series...
Jun 19 2006 10:44 GMT litz
yes lops, in going to Manila we passed by Sabah but only for 30 mins. transit and my sit position was at the middle of 4 sitted row... grrrrhhh!!!
Have a nice weekdays....
Jun 19 2006 11:05 GMT Adamus
Beautiful series.
Jun 19 2006 11:24 GMT losp

You might still have seen (flying in or flying out of Kota Kinabalu International
Airport .. My home is at most half an hour's drive from this Airpot) the island I'm using as the fixed point for my sunset scenes. Alas, at the middle of the 4-seat row, you might have missed it !! .. Have a wonderful week ahead of you .. lol ..
Jun 19 2006 15:42 GMT aquiles PRO
GREAT picture showing those magnificent structures in perspective...wonderful "sky" lighting gives it a fantastic sense of space !!!!
Jun 19 2006 15:46 GMT mp0255
very well composed and exposed photo!!!

yes, it was shot through ship's window...
Jun 27 2006 02:59 GMT MoonDew
Nice shot!
They seem to have modernized it since I was there in 1992/93.
Jun 29 2006 12:46 GMT litz
i never been there before, but i think, this is the new extension of the aiport, you have to ride on the airport suttle from the old building towards here for about a minute.
Sep 21 2009 11:56 GMT hans55 PRO
i wil be here in two weeks from now !!! :-)
Sep 21 2009 13:05 GMT litz
have a wonderful stay in Bali...spend the best of it...!!