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There must be hundreds of old cities who pride themselves, from a historical and artistic point of view, on being a unique in the world. But Orvieto, halfway between the earth and the sky has something more, something truly unique yet architecturally homogeneous, a site that was settled even before the Etruscans, followed by the Romans, the transcendental Middle ages and then the splendor of the Italian Renaissance. With the crown of buildings, it stands 20 to 60 meters higher than the plain below , form from the volcanic rock where the city stood. The splendid jewel at its center is the facade of the cathedral, which in its harmonious perfection can be considered the finest example of the Italian Gothic religious architecture.

PS. reproduced from the guide book otherwise i have to have ride in a "mongolfiera" balloon to take this kind of photo :-))
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 03 2006 21:12 GMT indiana
Bellissima Orvieto!!
Aug 03 2006 21:13 GMT Parens
Unbelieveably ORVIETO, Beautifully!
Aug 03 2006 21:18 GMT bennystr
Fascinating stuff!
Aug 03 2006 21:27 GMT faenzu
Wonderful view!!!
Aug 03 2006 22:16 GMT Minz PRO
Great work and thanks for the info.!
Aug 03 2006 22:20 GMT helton
Oh!! my precious Litz.. each new job you preset us.. the new surprise full of celestial messages... I Want to emphasize the beautiful blue sky in syntony with those beautiful mountains.. ONCE AGAIN YOUR TOUCH OF BEAUTY & ORIGINALITY!!.... BRAVVIIISSIIMOOO!!!.......
Aug 03 2006 22:22 GMT helton
PS.; The details of the history is just a Lesson of Antique Facts to us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ........just Magnific !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..........
Aug 03 2006 22:30 GMT litz
indiana + Parens + bennystr + faenzu + Minz = thanks a lot for your supportive comments!

helton, your enthusiastic comments push me more and more to do better presentation my friend!!! thank you once again for following my uploads!!!
Aug 04 2006 01:54 GMT Poulet PRO
Litz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry I have less time to play here at FT.
BUT.........I'm here and watch your wonderful series as slideshow !!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing my dear friend!
Have a beautiful weekend and take care. :)))
Aug 04 2006 02:21 GMT losp

View purely picturesque & magnificent .. brilliantly composed & taken foto !!!!
Aug 04 2006 08:49 GMT azul
peace Litz!
: )
Aug 04 2006 11:27 GMT litz
Ohh Poulet you are so sweet.. no need to say sorry dear...i think, my time is even lesser than yours here on FT that i'm always late to see the new uploads.. we're too many and can't able to drop down messages in each photo..just feel free my friend.. and i'm grateful that you find time in viewing my photos!!!
tHANKS A LOT & Have a great weekend my friend!!!
Aug 04 2006 11:38 GMT litz
losp, thanks a lot for your contineous support!!
Have a nice evening over there my friend!!
Aug 04 2006 11:39 GMT litz
thank you azul, peace be with you too!!!
Aug 04 2006 12:06 GMT Kurt
Orvieto???...where is that located??
It reminds me of my favourite village about 80km south-east of Rome.
It's called Olevano Romano and I'm going there again next month.;-)
It looks alot like this one..;-)
Aug 04 2006 12:18 GMT litz
Kurt, it is located in Umbria region, about an hour trip way to Firenze from Rome. Olevano Romano is just located high up in a hill or mountain like but not on a cliff like this.
If you want to visit there, it is so accessible by transportation!!!Thanks
Aug 04 2006 16:01 GMT luisa
Deve essere un posto meraviglioso!!!
Prima o poi ci andrņ....
Aug 04 2006 18:52 GMT karlbark
Definitely a place I'd like to see!
Looks fantastic.

-Karl Trausti from Iceland
Aug 04 2006 19:18 GMT litz
It is Karl, i have more uploads if you want some idea for your visit soon!!
Thank you for your nice comment!
Aug 06 2006 07:47 GMT Discovery
Bellisima !!!!