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right wing of the resort, at the foot the mountain is the acqua sport center and a bar.
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 07 2006 14:12 GMT mbear
dove questo angolo di paradiso?
Jun 07 2006 14:17 GMT Poulet PRO
Just love it..............
I always love the sea....... :))
Jun 07 2006 14:34 GMT faenzu
great shot,and thanks for your lovely comment on malta.
Jun 07 2006 14:43 GMT hallo
Beautiful series
Jun 07 2006 15:32 GMT indiana
Un sogno!!
Jun 08 2006 08:17 GMT litz
mbear questo paradiso nelle Filippine a Mindanao.

for further information, just search on web page Dakak Park and Beach Resort.

Jun 08 2006 09:13 GMT Adamus
Jun 08 2006 09:13 GMT kduykan
nice picture!
Jun 08 2006 15:03 GMT losp

Hi, litz ,, Paradise-like place there !!! Any cooked crabs to go with some Italian wine at the Resort bar ? ... lol lol lol ...
Jun 08 2006 22:22 GMT ahmetturker
Nice serie.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 09 2006 15:50 GMT litz
losp, just say your order and you will have it!! crabs, shrimps, fishes, shells, oysters, etc.... lol lol..and don't be mistaken to order a white wine for sea foods ok???? or you could go yourself fishing.... lol lol lol... you will enjoy more eating of what you catch :-))

Thank you all for the warm comments :))
Jun 10 2006 17:20 GMT rock
OMG wonderful place!!!
and thank you for your visit
Jun 12 2006 17:35 GMT mp0255
dream like landscape!!!
Jun 13 2006 22:37 GMT deanbed
Beautiful scene, very jealous of you.
Jun 14 2006 11:56 GMT litz
rock really it is!!!

mp0255 nature's lover always sees the beauty in it!

deanbed every place in this world of ours has it's own beauty,
...just lucky i am able to reached and enjoyed in every aspect
during my stay here!!!
Jun 14 2006 14:35 GMT SIGMUND

Jun 14 2006 18:18 GMT litz
... thanks for liking SIGMUND!!!
Jun 27 2006 03:11 GMT MoonDew
Beautiful deserted beach. I want to go there. Was the hotel expensive?
Jun 29 2006 12:33 GMT litz
i took this during lunch hour, to have a clear view of the place, 1st class is about 200 USD/day and their are a lot of less exensive depending on the distance from the beach MoonDew...Ahh good idea.....
Nov 02 2006 14:15 GMT Kariibv
che Bello!
Nov 02 2006 14:18 GMT litz
Grazie mille Kariibv...
Nov 12 2006 04:02 GMT eds
looks so peaceful... wish i can visit the place...