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****The Papal Palace known as Palazzo Soliano seat of the
Museo dell'Opera del Duomo ******
A massive building, almost a fortress, with the facade on the square and its side parallel to that of the Cathedral. It was commissioned at the end of the 13th century by Boniface V111 of Dantesque fame, as an addition to the first papal palace, the building behind left side.

PS. better view in expanded dimension!

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Comments on this photo:

Aug 06 2006 19:19 GMT hallo
Wonderful clear shot
Aug 06 2006 19:22 GMT jamby PRO
they´re not only gorgeous images Litz but they´re all piece by piece a treasure for the mind to see and learn...thanks!!!
Aug 06 2006 19:32 GMT Discovery
impressive building !!

- tour paused -
Aug 06 2006 19:38 GMT Adamus
Very beautiful series.
Aug 06 2006 19:40 GMT litz
thanks hallo!
Aug 06 2006 19:41 GMT litz
jamby, it's my honor that you are interested and not getting bored of the tour!
thanks a lot of your very supportive comment my friend!!!
Aug 06 2006 19:44 GMT litz
Discovery, LOL... my daughter is pushing me out of the my pc...it's her time!!
fortunately her friend phone her and she went outside for awhile that's why i'm here again!! but for moment only. Writing captions and description + uploads takes time so, i had to do it in my convenient time LOL.. excuse me!
Aug 06 2006 19:49 GMT Parens
Nice series!!!!!!! Wonderful architecture and the history.Nice the words!
Aug 06 2006 19:50 GMT jamby PRO
you´re very much welcome Litz!!! you´re the friend i can count on to...so..you can count on me too :-)))) DEAL?
Aug 06 2006 19:50 GMT Discovery
oh litz no problem, youre right it takes a lot of time!!

We paused, ok i go to a streetcafe in Orvieto and drink a cup of coffee...
Aug 06 2006 19:51 GMT litz
Adamus & Parens thank you for your inspiring comments!
Aug 06 2006 19:55 GMT litz
Ohh yeahhhh.. DEAL jamby ;-))
Aug 06 2006 19:59 GMT maniax
beautiful shot
Aug 06 2006 20:13 GMT bennystr
Excellent shot!
Aug 06 2006 20:20 GMT luisa
Molto bella!
Aug 06 2006 20:24 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Belissim . Popes have taste and this Boniface was a lucky one
Aug 06 2006 20:42 GMT Elise
Aug 06 2006 22:42 GMT backstreets PRO
its a beautiful archive...high quality photos !!
Aug 07 2006 00:41 GMT losp

A magnificent view in expanded dimension .. beautifully captured !!!
What a fine series of historical arichitecture you've constructed !!!!
Aug 07 2006 09:41 GMT rohtas
Aug 07 2006 10:36 GMT rock
magnifica foto!
Aug 07 2006 11:15 GMT faenzu
so beautiful place!!!..nice shot!!
Aug 07 2006 11:36 GMT litz
losp, i'm not a historian that's 100% truth!! But i would like to deliver my presentation the best i could to share to my viewers and that's for sure my great joy if my viewers enjoyed the tour!!! Thanks a lot of your kind inspiring comments!!!
Aug 07 2006 11:37 GMT litz
Thank you everyone for touring with me:-))
Aug 07 2006 11:42 GMT szel
Very good series that shows a sensational architecture.
Aug 07 2006 12:33 GMT tiller
Grazie per i tuoi commenti e grazie anche per l'interessante tour di Orvieto.
Aug 07 2006 13:27 GMT deefer PRO
Excellent detail and composition.
Aug 07 2006 17:19 GMT ahmetturker
Nice photos.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 07 2006 17:51 GMT soldier
SUPER!!!! Thanks to share it!!!
Aug 07 2006 17:52 GMT Zodyak
Magnificent building!!!
Aug 08 2006 03:18 GMT Poulet PRO
Great shot!!
Thnaks for the info, Litz !! :))
Aug 12 2006 18:09 GMT litz