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Comments on this photo:

Jan 17 2007 19:32 GMT jamby PRO
hello you cara mia amica litz :-))) lovely outfit !!!
Jan 17 2007 19:35 GMT Midworlder PRO
We are getting to see more of your world :))
Nice scarf shot :))
Jan 17 2007 19:35 GMT soldier
Yessss... magnificent working my Friend!!!
Jan 17 2007 19:38 GMT litz
Of course Joe...everyone is free...:-))
Jan 17 2007 19:41 GMT litz
cara mia jamby...today is raining and going out is very messy...
so here i am ... desperate home alone :-((
Jan 17 2007 19:42 GMT litz
my world will never be uncovered Midw :-))))
Jan 17 2007 19:48 GMT hallo
This is gorgeos litz...the outfit, colors and photo :)
Jan 17 2007 19:53 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thats fine, its better to have some mystery :))
Jan 17 2007 19:55 GMT LizSA
Beautiful ..Barbie figure........I love black lace ... never mind the scarf...though
it is winter and I think it is needed to keep a bit warmm...!!!
Jan 17 2007 20:00 GMT litz
Liz....the scraf is of great help of me.....
i can't sleep of throat pain when over exposed to cold weather :-))
thank you my dear Liz...!
Jan 17 2007 20:01 GMT litz
just a bit miaaa...!
Jan 17 2007 20:02 GMT litz
hallo, you are a great support...thanks!
Jan 17 2007 20:20 GMT Pietje
I`ts again a very nice scraf shot.
Jan 17 2007 20:25 GMT u40
ciekawa propozycja na ten szary dzień!
Jan 17 2007 20:30 GMT litz
excuse me u40.... i understand nothing :-((
critics is highly accepted :-))
Jan 17 2007 20:51 GMT Discovery
...next time more sharper please ....

so my eyes can more laughing ....:-))))))))))))
Jan 17 2007 21:01 GMT bennystr
Just WOW!
I love it!
Jan 17 2007 21:04 GMT litz
that's a very good request my dear friend Disc....;-))

well i have a lot of scarfs....:-))))))))
Jan 17 2007 21:17 GMT Riet
It's lovely, Litz! Would be even nicer if you made it without the blur......you are still very decent and the photo would be gorgeous when the black lace and the colour of your delicate skin were clearer. There is nothing on this photo you have to be ashamed of........it's pure beauty:)))
Jan 17 2007 21:18 GMT Discovery
....mmhh ...waitin....:-))
Jan 17 2007 21:30 GMT faenzu
wow...so sexy scarf ;-))
Jan 17 2007 21:35 GMT faenzu
and sexy body ;-)
Jan 17 2007 21:37 GMT litz
Thank you very much Riet... you're words are very encouraging...
wish to have more courage to make it more sharper...!
Jan 17 2007 21:54 GMT Dorado
Freda President

Jan 17 2007 21:59 GMT litz
Thanks my dear friend faenzu...!
Jan 17 2007 22:03 GMT litz
awwwe...Joe... very nice of you..thank you my friend.!
Jan 17 2007 22:05 GMT DGM
Wow alluring pic!!
Jan 17 2007 22:31 GMT LizSA
Litz...OK i saw your name there by Fotoloek....lol.....the eye must have been a bit slow to miss your name...!!!
Why are you still awake.......how are you feeling......your look swell girl..:)
wonderful......I am off to bed now....goodnight Litz....and with your sore throught..I think you should also go rest now.....>>> goodnight friend...!
Jan 17 2007 22:36 GMT litz
Liz...i have a cindirella habit :-)))
thank you very much dear Liz...i'm ok ... good night my dear friend..!
have a wonderful tomorrow....!!
Jan 17 2007 22:39 GMT litz
Thank you DGM...good morning ...and have a nice day!!!!
Jan 18 2007 00:31 GMT sweetkate77
Huwawwwww! Lovely and sensual shot! Love the scarf too!
Jan 18 2007 02:23 GMT Prikthai
Jan 18 2007 03:41 GMT irashid
Jan 18 2007 03:50 GMT jomoud PRO
what scarf???????????????????????
Jan 18 2007 05:03 GMT rohtas
Alarming trend -;))) must put the male community in sheer discriminating feelings.... lol
Jan 18 2007 07:12 GMT Kurt
wow....what a great picture....only it's not sharp..;-))))))
Jan 18 2007 07:27 GMT Elise
oh la la what do we have here? very sexy woman :)))))))))))
Welcome to the club sweetie!!!
Jan 18 2007 07:53 GMT rock
WOW! Lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-))))))))
Jan 18 2007 12:12 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Sexy Litz....but Riet is right ...just one more drop of courage please. From my side I just can upload the scarf the rest is not good enough ....but I ll think about it!!!!
Jan 18 2007 12:57 GMT litz

i just uploaded all the courage i had :-))))
yes, you can as long as there's a scarf :-))
Thank you very much my dear friend Carlos..!
Jan 19 2007 13:54 GMT rhynnligwak
great angle
that courage reveals yourself litz
everything in this picture is
God's beautiful masterpiece
Jan 19 2007 15:11 GMT litz
aww....very inspiring words you give me today rhynn....!
thanks a lot....perhaps for a change that made me courageous :-))))))