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************** DUOMO/// THE CATHEDRAL**********

...Main facade...Bas-reliefs of the 2nd pier: The Scene of the Old Testament referring in particular to the messianic prophesies. At the center the tree of Jesse( with the genealogy of Jesus Christ). In the small central ovals, six prophets, beginning with David with the Psalter, above the Virgin Mary, Blessing Christ and John the Baptist. From bottom up again, Adam sephulchral urn; Gideon's fleece; Balaam's prophecy- destruction of Jerusalem; Balaam's ass; Israel in Eygypt; The world melting the ice, The Waters of Redeemption; Nabuchadnezzar's dream; Ezekiel's vision; Isaiah's prophecy; The Foundation stone; Zechariah's vision; Micah's prophecy; The Truth and Justice; Moses on Sinai; Prophecy of the Ctrucifixion; and the Angel greeting Mary as prefiguration of the Annunciation,
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 31 2006 15:35 GMT jamby PRO
it just sooo incredible how much work they have invested in this building..soo much story in each piece!!!
Jul 31 2006 18:36 GMT Discovery
agree with jamby !!!
Jul 31 2006 23:36 GMT jceca PRO
Aug 01 2006 12:46 GMT litz
Thank you folks for getting interested with my presentation!!
Aug 01 2006 12:52 GMT pp11364

Oh....!That`s fine.