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Comments on this photo:

Jun 06 2006 14:52 GMT indiana
Jun 06 2006 15:05 GMT losp

Paradise-like place here and great capture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! litz, you should do a few excellent sunset scenes here .. lol lol lol
Jun 06 2006 15:24 GMT hallo
Blue blue...very beautifiul blue
Jun 06 2006 16:04 GMT Adamus
Jun 06 2006 16:34 GMT helton
Amazing Litz !!!!!!!!!!!!profissional capture my friend !!!Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 06 2006 20:29 GMT tata28
lovely place!
Jun 07 2006 12:55 GMT litz
Thank you all for the nice comments and visits!!!!!

losp, you gave me an interesting idea on my next vacation to this paradise, yes yes yes sunset!!!! but never expect of sunrise ok?? lol lol lol, this covered with high mountain on the east and sun can be seen around 09 am :-((
Jun 07 2006 13:29 GMT Ini
quiet this beach ,,
Jun 07 2006 13:36 GMT litz
Ini, i took this during lunch time, a lot of photos with crowded park and beach some years ago and during this vacation i preferred to take photos on the undisturbed natures..thanks
Jun 07 2006 14:15 GMT Poulet PRO
What a wonderful view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 08 2006 08:03 GMT mbear
che meraviglia...difficile non pensare di vedere questo posto "live"...
Jun 08 2006 08:09 GMT litz
justju, could be very expensive if you live within here:-)) have a nice place for you too, just a few walks out!!!!
Jun 08 2006 08:10 GMT litz
Poulet i spent swing on a hammock during the hotiest time of the day watching this wonderful natures!! thanks for the visits and comments!!!
Jun 08 2006 22:22 GMT ahmetturker
Wow, great shot. nice.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 09 2006 01:43 GMT wifey
Fantastic series… did you say where these are taken? I look forward to future posts.
Jun 09 2006 15:57 GMT litz
mbear, just tell me if you ever plan to see it "live" ok?
Jun 09 2006 16:01 GMT litz
ahmetturker thanks a lot...

wifey, this was taken recently last April 2006, this is located in the Northwest of Philippines, in the island of Mindanao...

Thank you all for loving this amazing nature, coz i'm crazingly love this paradise :-)))
Jun 11 2006 17:03 GMT Danaya
sand,sea and sky....amazing shot!!!

Litz thank you for displaying the beauty of the philipines and adding me as your friend.
Jun 12 2006 16:56 GMT litz
you are very welcome my friend Danaya!!! thanks you like it!!!
Jun 13 2006 22:38 GMT deanbed
Very good shot!
Jun 14 2006 11:57 GMT litz
deanbed, just a luck i think!!! thanks
Aug 10 2006 17:41 GMT toshkatakb
Inviting beach!Relaxing!
Oct 14 2006 20:06 GMT jceca PRO
GOD, litz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my holy 3.......... sun, sand, sea................
count on me next ime............. :-)))
Oct 14 2006 20:19 GMT litz
Thank you for loving it my dear jc....
That's a paradise for me...
Oct 14 2006 20:21 GMT jceca PRO
yep, for me too................
Nov 12 2006 05:00 GMT Kire403
i haven't notice Dakak as beauty as this when I last visited.... maybe you just got the right angle to get this shot.. marvelous!