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Comments on this photo:

Dec 05 2007 21:37 GMT Vasca
Aaaaaaaawwwwwwww!! Beautiful!!
Poor baby!! Sooo cold!
Dec 05 2007 21:46 GMT linnywv PRO
I just came from feeding them all. THey were very happy to see me with the bucket of seeds!
Dec 05 2007 21:57 GMT Vasca
Hhahaha good for them!!
And good for you too!!
They are soooo cute!
Dec 05 2007 23:14 GMT Tavascarow
Beautiful cardinal.
A real splash of colour for a dreary day.
Dec 05 2007 23:36 GMT pp11364
Dec 06 2007 00:33 GMT Empty
Way cool ...such a vibrant red.. !!!!
Dec 06 2007 10:08 GMT LizSA
Like a xmas card picture..... :-)) I am happy for you to get this red bird..:-)
You say they were happy to see you....
amazing... I have noticed how soon they get spoiled.. Ours sit on the
rooftops of the neighbours.... making a noice if I am not there
with the bowl of seeds soon enough......!! but then we have summer..:-)
Dec 06 2007 11:29 GMT linnywv PRO
Liz, they sat on the feeders close to the window and stared at me until I came out and filled them. Usually they NEVER sit still. It was their first snow of the year and they knew they had to eat to keep flying. They are such beautiful little friends. My cat sits in the window and watches them with me. They know he can't get outside so they are not afraid of him. Smart, are they not?
Dec 06 2007 14:22 GMT LizSA
It is sureley a great feeling.... and they know how to act...:-) maybe their first
year of snow.... we would never know..!
as for the cat, I find if they grow older they also calm down a bit... with the hunting..(:)
Dec 06 2007 21:19 GMT bennystr
Fabulous red!
Dec 07 2007 03:04 GMT linnywv PRO
benny......they are sooooooooooo beautiful in the snow!
Dec 07 2007 20:27 GMT gtc126
Wonderful Shot...that Cardinale sticks out against the snow!!!!!
Dec 08 2007 08:59 GMT Bellavista
I'm reading now the comments above, and I decided, I'll buy today something for birds! :-))
Dec 08 2007 09:04 GMT linnywv PRO
Bella......they even eat my leftover bread! :)
Dec 08 2007 09:06 GMT Bellavista
OK. But I must buy a house or holder for the food.
Dec 08 2007 09:20 GMT sini
Lovely red!:)
Dec 08 2007 10:56 GMT deefer PRO
Excellent picture.
Dec 08 2007 13:54 GMT linnywv PRO
Thank you Deefer!
Dec 08 2007 13:54 GMT linnywv PRO
Thank you sini!
Dec 17 2007 07:12 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
I so gotta get me one of those............somehow.
Dec 17 2007 12:26 GMT linnywv PRO
Pink, they are quite hardy! I would imagine they could survive down under!