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Comments on this photo:

May 03 2007 19:40 GMT bennystr
Sheer beauty!
May 03 2007 19:44 GMT jamby PRO
a real painting composition...but then again it's sooo really you...basing in all your previous work!!! sooo gorgeously presented!!!
May 03 2007 19:46 GMT linnywv PRO
Thank you Benny!! It's a shot taken in the park......I think it's there JUST for me! ;)
May 03 2007 19:46 GMT linnywv PRO
Jamby you are so nice to say such things!! Thank you my friend!
May 03 2007 20:21 GMT irashid
So colorful.................Looks great.......................
May 03 2007 20:36 GMT Molivac
Wonderful picture !!!!!! I like this composition and this place
May 03 2007 22:54 GMT linnywv PRO
Molivac......it's a wonderful park...we visit it often for a long walk. Thank you for your comment!
May 04 2007 21:05 GMT Jakeobean
Linny...this absolutely stunning.....I never noticed this particular angle on our day at the park..........
May 05 2007 03:16 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Such an explosion of color--well done!!
May 05 2007 12:47 GMT jceca PRO
so full of life ... gorgeous place !!!!
May 05 2007 16:22 GMT linnywv PRO
Thank you Wild....soon the park will just be shades of green.....it's such a lovely place to walk and shoot pictures!
May 05 2007 16:24 GMT linnywv PRO
jceca....it was filled with people too that day. The first warm day of the springtime...color and happy noise from the children. I would have loved to take some shots of the children but some parents are very wary. Being a teacher for so many years, I am very aware of the dangers. I love that park!
May 05 2007 16:32 GMT jceca PRO
yeah, i know what are you talking about ...
i took my photos from the playground hidden behind the trees ...
and my mom was watching my back ...
May 05 2007 16:33 GMT linnywv PRO
jceca...when I taught the children's parents had to sign a "release form" to post the concert pictures on the net. You can't be too careful these days.
May 05 2007 19:49 GMT peterpinhole
Such a nice collection of colours here...would make a beautiful greeting card!!!!
May 05 2007 20:50 GMT linnywv PRO
Peter, I have printed so many pictures that if I framed them all I would not have a space left on the walls! But I still enjoy seeing them printed!
May 05 2007 21:38 GMT ashdad PRO
May 05 2007 22:14 GMT torlau PRO
Beautifull flowers and garden. The frame colour: splendid.

May 06 2007 12:16 GMT korni
gorgeous place !!!!
May 06 2007 16:19 GMT linnywv PRO
Thank you Korni!
May 08 2007 16:59 GMT abojovna PRO
Splendid shot!
May 09 2007 15:36 GMT GeoffReeves
lovely colour and a special frame for it !!
Mar 05 2010 20:05 GMT jmcdh
Lovely colours. beautiful photo