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Baby Beanerz

Please open full size. Photoshop enhanced
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 25 2007 19:55 GMT Vasca
Hello beautiful baby!!
Sep 25 2007 19:57 GMT linnywv PRO
Vasca...waving a paw back at you. (I can't believe he was so little!)
Sep 25 2007 21:04 GMT cameo
Beautiful mutant baby cat!
Sep 25 2007 21:06 GMT linnywv PRO
Cameo...laughing here!
Sep 25 2007 21:52 GMT torlau PRO
Hey ! - dear Linnywv -
Fantastic shot.. Super lovely colours, like an artist..
The cat look so sweet and nice. It must be a wonderfull cat you have..
Thanks for your sweet word to my foto. Thanks..

From a friend
Sep 25 2007 22:41 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful eye! Nice photo!!!

Thank you for comment:-)!
Sep 25 2007 22:44 GMT PinkRocksAus PRO
This is just gorgeous! ;>))
Sep 26 2007 03:10 GMT linnywv PRO
Thank you Pink.....it's nice to meet you!
Sep 26 2007 03:49 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Very nice, great view! Please visit my site now and follow the directions...
Sep 26 2007 06:58 GMT Adamus
Beautiful shot.
Sep 26 2007 09:59 GMT linnywv PRO
Adamus, thank you!
Sep 26 2007 13:56 GMT SIGMUND
Sep 26 2007 14:02 GMT Hamin PRO
We Cat Lovers rule F T - LOL -------- Great shot, Linny ! We should have a separate CAT egory for our felines..... (Excuse the poor pun ) Manny
Sep 26 2007 14:16 GMT linnywv PRO
Thank you Sigmund!
Sep 26 2007 14:52 GMT WarSurFeR
Meow Meow in the Bronx !! :P

Sep 26 2007 17:48 GMT token
lovely cat
Sep 26 2007 18:40 GMT Znuber
Really well composed and it seems like the cat was posing for this photo. Nicely rendered too - you did a great job here linnywv:-)))
Sep 26 2007 19:32 GMT will
Always a treat to see Beanerz..:-)
Sep 26 2007 21:47 GMT grumpyoldtrout
NOW NOW, you are not allowed to nail them to the wall no matter how much you want the shot! LOL

Gorgeous kitty and work. :-)
Sep 26 2007 22:48 GMT linnywv PRO
Znuber...thank you. He had just come into my home when this was taken.....actually, he's on my lap! He always loved attention!
Sep 26 2007 22:48 GMT linnywv PRO
Thank you Sigmund!
Sep 26 2007 22:49 GMT linnywv PRO
Hello Warsurfer......I think WOOF WOOF......would be more like it! LOL
Sep 26 2007 22:49 GMT linnywv PRO
Thank you Token!
Sep 26 2007 22:50 GMT linnywv PRO
Will, he was always a super affectionate cat. But I caught him eating the NEW dried flower arrangement today.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ;)
Sep 26 2007 22:51 GMT linnywv PRO
Grumpy.....laughing here. I KNOW you must have loved the film "A Fish Called Wanda"...
Sep 26 2007 23:30 GMT grumpyoldtrout
"I KNOW you must have loved the film "A Fish Called Wanda"

You got me!! Cleese is superb in it, and it's not S Weavers normal type of film either. :-))
Sep 27 2007 00:08 GMT linnywv PRO
I knew it! ;)
Sep 27 2007 01:05 GMT wifey
Beanerz? No kitten passes gas as much as Heartly does… should've named him Fartly… gorgeous little fellow. :)
Sep 27 2007 01:23 GMT linnywv PRO
Wifey........when I mean business it's MISTER BEAN! Thank you :)
Sep 27 2007 21:41 GMT irashid
She is a great Poser !!!
Sep 28 2007 00:46 GMT linnywv PRO
Ever since he was a kitten he loves to stare......if he could talk I would be in real trouble!
Sep 28 2007 16:56 GMT Acertijo
great cat :)