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Sharing a photo from the news.  My home state of NJ was hit very hard in the storm.  So many peop...


Sharing a photo from the news. My home state of NJ was hit very hard in the storm. So many people lost lives and their homes. Please pray for these folks.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 30 2012 13:12 GMT linnywv PRO
This is Atlantic City.
Oct 30 2012 14:27 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Terrible! I hope any family and friends you still have there are safe and not suffering too much damage.
Oct 30 2012 15:08 GMT bandsix
We will indeed Linda....it's just awful, we can't imagine....
Oct 30 2012 15:28 GMT hans55 PRO
sure looks like big trouble to me !!
Oct 30 2012 19:14 GMT elsje323
terrible, we will pray for them
Oct 30 2012 20:56 GMT Papagena
I am nearly ashamed to live in my safe aera. I don't know how I would overcome this unbelievable occurence............
Oct 30 2012 21:18 GMT linnywv PRO
Papa as long as they have their health and families they are rich indeed. The rest can be replaced. The entire coastline of my old home state is torn to shreds! NJ is a resilient state! They will rebuild!
Oct 31 2012 02:10 GMT potterjo
Until you actually go through one you do not realize the damage that is inflicted. Yes, NJ well recover, but it will take time. Grew up on the TX coast, so have been through several... an we always came back. My thoughts are with everyone there.
Oct 31 2012 03:11 GMT linnywv PRO
Thanks for your comment Jo. It will be a long road but also a chance to build in a way to withstand more of these storms. I just hope we don't see one this forceful again.
Oct 31 2012 08:56 GMT MargNZ
It has been a terrible storm Linny and you must be very sad to see your home state so devastated. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the people of NJ .
Oct 31 2012 09:35 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Barbara...:-))
Oct 31 2012 18:24 GMT senna3
We follow this terrible nature event on the news, it is really dramatic.
Oct 31 2012 20:49 GMT linnywv PRO
Peter it is so sad for many because as children our parents all took us to the shore on vacations. I lived on the coastline for many years. My last home in New Jersey was only two miles from the ocean. It is not to be found now...washed to sea. Although I live far away now (thank goodness) it is sad to know it will never be the same.
Nov 02 2012 20:13 GMT gtc126
TERRIBLE STORM. GREAT CAPTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!