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This is Spike. He's been in our yard for two years now and knows exactly where we leave food for him. I can actually go out and have a conversation with him and he doesn't leave. I'm hoping he'll take an apple from my hand in the fall. He's very much at home sitting in the yard!
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 31 2013 15:51 GMT bandsix
he's lovely! I wish you well with the hand feeding...:)
Aug 31 2013 15:54 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
How wonderful - he's almost a pet!
Aug 31 2013 16:25 GMT happysnaper
Aug 31 2013 17:39 GMT julie13
The only animal that visits my garden is the cat from across the road, and that is so he can pee up my car :) You are so lucky having Spike, do you want to swap :)
Aug 31 2013 18:07 GMT elsje323
beautiful shot of Spike
Aug 31 2013 20:54 GMT fhelsing PRO
a handsome fellow!
Sep 01 2013 01:14 GMT linnywv PRO
No thanks Julie, although Spike did think the azaleas were horsdeouvres!
Sep 02 2013 17:45 GMT wijnie58
What a lovely animal, Linda.:-))
Sep 02 2013 18:22 GMT linnywv PRO
Winnie, he is so beautiful.
Sep 02 2013 22:03 GMT linnywv PRO
Winnie, he is so beautiful.
Sep 02 2013 22:32 GMT will
Sep 02 2013 22:33 GMT will
Sep 03 2013 09:17 GMT linnywv PRO
So far he listens for a bit then walks slowly out of reach...we shall see!
Sep 05 2013 23:43 GMT larrybenedict
What are you feeding them Linny? I have a doe that comes up to the corner of the house and eats the wheat and corn that I put out for my ducks, but it snorts and runs as soon as I go out the door. Hard for me to imagine that you have tamed this one....he certainly doesn't look threatened by you.
Sep 06 2013 15:01 GMT linnywv PRO
We feed them corn. This little guy has been with us for two years. I just go out when I see him and say "Hey Spike!". He runs if I move too quickly, but he knows I have corn and lay it on the ground for him. He is so sweet. I have put out pieces of apple too. They have a sweet tooth!
Sep 08 2013 12:41 GMT georgygirl2
lucky you! great snap