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Lake Elizabeth, Fremont, California (just noticed today's theme)
There was a sailboat race that afternoon, very breezy, one capsized going around the pylon/marker, causing quite a commotion, but I was fooling around with the camera and missed it. It's about three miles to walk around the lake, which is very close to where I grew up. Every time I'm in the Bay Area my dad and I walk around the lake together.
Aug. 13, 2011
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 29 2011 19:20 GMT jomoud PRO
Wonderful capture Stephanie
Perfect choice for this week's theme.
Welcome to FunFriday (put fun friday as friend and you always will know the upcoming theme)
Have a wonderful happy weekend
Sep 29 2011 20:03 GMT 01mitch
well done steph !!!
Sep 30 2011 04:48 GMT fhelsing PRO
I've been there, too --- that is a wonderful lake!
Sep 30 2011 10:12 GMT roncarlin PRO
A sailor's delight. fine entry.
Sep 30 2011 14:02 GMT LizSA
fantastic memories.... and to share the view with your father..... very special.
Sep 30 2011 16:28 GMT GeoffReeves
A lovely view...and I can feel the breeze.
Sep 30 2011 17:47 GMT Xaragma
That's amazing, Steph - the hills with the pylons look much the same as those behind Elizabeth, which is the sister city of Fremont here (too dry for a lake, so they have Fremont Park).
Sep 30 2011 22:25 GMT legs4daze PRO
thank you, Liz, yes, as age progesses moments together become more precious.
Sep 30 2011 22:32 GMT legs4daze PRO
this lake is manmade, Steve; right now they're digging a tunnel through the side of it for BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to increase the distance of the train line. the Fremont city government prohibited building the tracks above ground and going over the lake... said it would spoil the view eh. that is actually very amazing, the sister city - huh... who'da thought... (and i love the golden hills, to me they look like velvet)
Oct 01 2011 05:49 GMT sini
Lovely lake view!:)
Oct 01 2011 17:35 GMT Xaragma
I just had a look on the map - it's quite close to Oakland / San Francisco - the BART would be a quick way of getting around, by the looks.
Oct 01 2011 18:07 GMT morine2011
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