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The last time I was at mama's I became infatuated with the amount of glass in her home; mirrors, cabinets filled with crystal, brilliant chandeliers, table tops, hand blown lamps. Mr. Nikon and I took a tour of every room and I wore him out! However I'm sad to say that sitting on the cold marble floor in front of the grandfather clock and trying to get my reflection in the huge brass pendulum was not successful, yet~

I hope I can convey to you the scale of size in her formal living room. The tall mirror in the middle of the two pictures is probably 15 feet high at least, the pictures themselves (which are mostly cropped out) are about 8'x5'. The fireplace behind me, which is reflected in the mirror, must be 7 feet high, as I must reach up to touch the mantle, and I am not short. The picture of horses above the fireplace is a real Picasso, and you can see it's very large as well.

That evening when we looked at these photos on the computer, something very strange manifested. Here are two photographs of the same thing, with and without flash. I'm standing in the same place, and focused on the same area of wall. The only difference is the camera setting.

Do you see what I see in the photo on the right, the one with flash? It appears something is showing... that is not visible with the naked eye, and is not visible without the flash. It's from the back, well - presumably it's the back of the mirror... tape or strips of ... something... I just don't know!!! What could be showing from the other side of the mirror with the flash illuminating it?

Even so, I prefer the golden version, but the colors are much more realistic in the other. Perhaps view it in full strength, see if you can tell what I'm trying to explain, but... I have NO explanation ~ do you?

Cheerios from a mystified Steph in VERY stormy Portland this five minutes ;o)

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Comments on this photo:

Mar 29 2012 23:06 GMT wijnie58
Great and interesting work Stephanie and no i can not explant....
Mar 30 2012 05:52 GMT sini
Nice idea and entry!:)
Mar 30 2012 07:42 GMT saffi9
hi steph well noticed , the flash must penetrate the mirror to show the tape on the back
hope you didnt get too wet in the storm
Mar 30 2012 08:25 GMT caferr
nice try...
Mar 30 2012 14:13 GMT hallo
Very interesting work and observation. I would be careful where to use your flash Stephanie! A power which penetrated the mirror to reveal a double adhesive tape for fixing purpose may become embarrassing if pointed at someone wearing thin clothing ;-))
Mar 30 2012 17:49 GMT Annamaria
Great to compare, Stapahnie! Did you get the mirror of the wall to look if there realy was some tape? Maybe there is a friendly ghost in the room who was playing tricks with you....;-)
Mar 30 2012 21:53 GMT bandsix
Having read your text and all the comments I have to say that 'hallo' would get the two biscuits today!
Apr 02 2012 07:40 GMT hamid2010
Good idea
Well done :)
Apr 02 2012 20:55 GMT hans55 PRO
i always prefer to take pictures without flash ... much more natural colors !!
Apr 04 2012 09:06 GMT skyball
Most intriguing Steph:.and unexplainable!!:-)).....
Apr 04 2012 11:48 GMT eliaskhalil
Great idea Stephanie, a lesson in photographi.
Apr 04 2012 18:55 GMT marijke06
nice presentation!
Apr 04 2012 20:22 GMT Icandoit
Beautiful shot and entry
Apr 05 2012 06:34 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
I concur with the explanations above - a combination of tape at the back of the mirror and a powerful flash. Intriguing mystery.

Hope the storm is over now.
Apr 05 2012 22:06 GMT Sheila PRO
I think that's a strange reflection of the bevelled edge caused by the flash. I can't see that tape would show through and I can't believe that quality of furnishing would be held together with tape anyway!