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Look what I found! Will wonders never cease ~ Mr. Nikon and I were in the honeymoon stage of our relationship when I took this photograph just about a year ago. I was still blissfully pushing buttons and trying new settings, and was quite dismayed when I saw this, as I was definitely aiming for something else. But, even if it was by accident, I believe this qualifies as a long exposure, or does it. The EXIF shows the settings, but... I think I may be skating on thin ice hey.

What say you, worldly friends -- Yay or Nay??

Cheerios from Stephanie ;o)
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 03 2012 04:44 GMT Cronos1
YAY ! :-))
Nov 03 2012 06:03 GMT hallo
I think your picture has something to do with "Quantum Physics" :))
Nov 03 2012 06:35 GMT Annamaria
I say YAY, Stephanie!! Samir can be right: Quantum Physics certainly has touched this picture...;-)
Nov 03 2012 06:45 GMT 25barb
Even by accident it is a most interesting photo. Love the colors and it does make one look long and earnest..Like the #6 inclusion....Something I have yet to experiment with and in my thingking it would certianly qualify as a long exposure.
I guess I need guidance in this area for sure.
Nov 03 2012 07:29 GMT saffi9
yay :)
Nov 03 2012 07:40 GMT hans55 PRO
Yay for sure !! :-)
Nov 03 2012 09:39 GMT Donjames
Yup its cool....
Nov 03 2012 10:43 GMT bandsix
Definitely qualifies!
Nov 03 2012 10:49 GMT josephnoel
Ah yes great photo
Nov 03 2012 11:24 GMT skyball
It sure is colourful!!!!!......
Nov 03 2012 18:32 GMT peterpinhole
Yay....I say!
Nov 04 2012 02:26 GMT martini957
Yah : ))
Nov 04 2012 04:23 GMT jomoud PRO
A great happy accident:)
It fits well with the theme Stephanie
Have a woderful happy weekend
Nov 04 2012 05:38 GMT rainbow71
Yay it is wonderful!
Nov 04 2012 15:43 GMT wijnie58
Yay ofcourse Stephanie....:-))
Nov 05 2012 01:11 GMT fhelsing PRO
Nov 05 2012 10:43 GMT biggles
At over 1 sec' it qualifies quite easily. The early days with a camera are always exciting.
Nov 06 2012 11:42 GMT troutfly
I just can not see what N0 6 is.
but the rest of the picture is fine by me.
Nov 07 2012 21:16 GMT abojovna PRO
I understand very good this situation. This result is suitable for the topic long exposure. Very good presented image!
Nov 11 2012 14:08 GMT Petermosull