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Hi everyone, GUESS WHAT ~~~~~ It's my one year anniversary since joining FT, congratulations to me, woo hoo!

Here we have the "new smile" being shown off with my baby boyee who just turned 30, my beautiful son, Timujiin, commonly referred to as Tim. (I was 10 when he was born, hahahahaha.) He's one of the few people who can make a 5'10" girl feel short, since he's 6'6".

Someone took this photograph of us inbetween dancing our a$$es off, nothing like an old lady who doesn't mind being stared at to guarantee fun on the dance floor, and I do love to dance.

I stopped by PicMonkey just to get a frame, then saw all the features and editing effects, diving in immediately to play. Here you can see a little bit of everything: Cross Process, Boost, Frost, HDR, Warhol, Focal Soften, Fancy Focus, Curves, Burn, and Clone. (somehow the bottom left, where Tim's bottle kinds swoops on the neck, that's a Clone ?!?!) And how do you like that big ole kiss on his cheek!!

I love FT, and the people I've met, and the opportunities for friendships since joining, and especially the way I see my life in frames now, Picture Frames! I want you all to know, dear international friends, that my recent lack of presence here is only due to an overload of Spontaneity and Sporadic-ness. (is that a word) It's harder to sit still, and harder to "play" at work, (which I am doing now, true confession) and harder to keep up with the lovely and interesting photos being posted here by my friends. I'm somewhat of a slacker, what can I say ;o(

Also, three weeks from today, on August 31st, The Blue Moon, I will be arrived into Shannon Airport in Ireland to finally meet a dear friend from FT, Mr. Peter O'Sullivan, who has agreed to take me on as a house guest so I can see the world, the world I've dreamed about all my life, and now in my old age, look out dear world, for three weeks I'm a bona fide Photographer AND Traveler.

I shall endeavor to keep a travel log, but since I'm struggling with Sporadicality (maybe that's a word?) I shan't make any promises I know I'll probably only sporadically keep (I think that's the right word now). Rest assured I visit FT regularly, though I'm not always logged in therefore unable to make comments. (see reference above to "slacker.")

Thank you thank you everyone, all my wonderful friends, for your encouragement and support and expertise and advice and criticism and teasing and laughing and playing for this last year. It means a lot, the connections we have are very special to me, as you know, and you do know. It's truly opened my eyes to the world, and I LOVE IT.

Cheerios from Stephie in the States, soon to be Stephie in Europe!!! eeeeeeeeee ~~ flying over the ocean.... in a long metal tube..... all by my self.....
eeeeeeeeee ~~ terrified and excited, happy and thrilled ;o)))))

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Comments on this photo:

Aug 11 2012 00:26 GMT julie13
Great pic. Picmonkey is great. Try the zoom effects :)
Aug 11 2012 06:06 GMT Annamaria
Stephanie many congrats with your 1st Anniversary on FT!! A great shot from you and your son! ;-) What a great idea to come to Europe! ts nice that you can stay at peters house! Like I was a guest of (super)Joan where I stayed in may this year..;-)
Aug 11 2012 07:05 GMT saffi9
great work steph i hope Irelands ready for you
Aug 11 2012 13:55 GMT sheasoru68
I think it is true Steph,..you were 10 when you had Tim,....Ireland eh???..watch out Kerry....the Kingdom is about to be conquered....
Aug 11 2012 16:02 GMT wijnie58
Congratulations with your first year on FT..:-))
Aug 11 2012 16:55 GMT hans55 PRO
congrats Steph with your first year at FT... its great to meet friends all over the world ... like we did met a few friends !!! :-)
Aug 11 2012 21:15 GMT GeoffReeves
Good luck and enjoy.!
Aug 12 2012 05:52 GMT MargNZ
Have a marvellous time in Ireland Steph and regards to Peter :)
Aug 13 2012 16:54 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Great editing, and a very nice picture to start with!
Are you going back to your roots in Ireland? Have a fantastic time anyway!
Aug 15 2012 11:57 GMT bandsix
'Recurring in scattered and irregular or unpredictable instances' the meaning of 'sporadicness' (courtesy of WordWeb:) so that about fits the bill I think!
Nice to see you and your son having a good time...and I'm sure Ireland will welcome you with open arms......I hope you have an absolute blast, and I admire your get-up-and-go attitude!! Bon Voyage and do keep posting whilst your are in Europe:)))
Aug 15 2012 11:58 GMT bandsix
ps: the smile looks good too!!
Aug 25 2012 08:34 GMT sini
Sep 14 2012 04:28 GMT jomoud PRO
I missed this when you posted this, as I was just about leaving on a trip at the time.
I am back now, but you have left for Ireland and at this moment are no doubt exploring that beautiful part of the world.
I hope that you have a fabulous time Steph and will look forward to the photo's.
Of course, congratulations on your one year FT anniversary. It is hard to believe that one year has gone by since we first met here....and I remember it well:):):)
Oct 07 2012 21:01 GMT Jackie69
I hope it was fun
Oct 11 2012 11:00 GMT biggles
Where are you at now Steph, travelling is such a blast isn't it? Haven't heard from you in a while...I became a Dad in July, how scary is that?