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~ In the total darkness in Tralee's Town Park, deep into the night hours, you wonder if the stories are true... statues that glow, halos appearing, of course all myth, as we wander. Instead of getting ready for the flight home in the morning I'm squeezing in one last adventure, tiptoeing through the maze of paths with Peter, under the heavy canopy of trees; it's windy and cloudy, the sky pitch black, not another soul to be found.
~ I'm clutching my guide fearfully as he skillfully guides us deeper into the Park, I can hardly see my feet, but he knows exactly where we are, pointing out various plants, trees and artifacts, giving me an insightful picture of the Park's history. Far in the distance a lighted steeple glows faintly. "I should try to get a picture," as always. "Your iPhone won't get that, just store it as a memory," smiling, and I leave it in my pocket.
~ Suddenly we're in a small roundabout, the trees overhead clearing to reveal the deep gray clouds silhouetted against the black night sky. "This is the Rose of Tralee statue I told you about, I have a photo of it on FT," he says softly. Our voices seem loud, it feels very isolated, and I realize we're whispering.
~ Barely visible stand the two figures; in the haunting darkness it seems her face is locked into that one poignant, dreadful moment of sadness we've all known. Her lover stands bemused, his expression neutral as he gazes at her hand on his arm.
~ Reaching for my phone again, "oh, she's so lovely, they look so sad," stepping closer, instinctively unlocking the keyboard, "should I try the flash?" "Steph, you..." but he freezes, and I follow his gaze, then look up and around. Is someone shining a light on them?
~ The rose has begun to stand out in relief from their frozen embrace, beginning to glow deep red, and I step back quickly. "What the..." but another halo has appeared high above her body, descending majestically over her head, and I bring my camera up, "do it, Steph, try it, hurry," and I snap one hurriedly just as it fades around her shoulders.
~ The flash went off, we're both momentarily blinded, and in the stillness we realize it's completely dark again, the crimson glow diminished, and we stand numb in the aftermath until I shiver. "Come on, let's get you packed," leading me out of the Park. "I think I got a picture," I finally venture. "You better hope you did, no one will believe this!"


Please see them in their happy sunny radiance in Peter's photograph ;o)
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 29 2012 05:46 GMT Annamaria
You gave them a spooky glow, Stephanie! ;-))
Oct 29 2012 05:53 GMT MargNZ
This sent shivers down my spine Steph ... well written and a great entry :))
Oct 29 2012 09:05 GMT hans55 PRO
a very spooky entry !! :-)
Oct 29 2012 09:10 GMT wijnie58
Fantastic spooky entry, Stephanie..:-))
Oct 29 2012 09:36 GMT bandsix
Great bit of writing there Steph.......a great image too!
Oct 29 2012 11:28 GMT Petermosull
Gosh Steph, I'll never go down the park at night again!!!!!!
Oct 29 2012 16:10 GMT sheasoru68
What a story Steph.,...you should send this to some of the Tralee newspapers....
Oct 31 2012 19:21 GMT hallo
Nov 01 2012 08:27 GMT marijke06
frightening park :)
Nov 01 2012 08:40 GMT senna3
Brilliant Friday entry!
Nov 01 2012 11:02 GMT skyball
A creepy adventure Steph!!..not for the faint hearted!!!:-))....
Nov 01 2012 15:28 GMT GeoffReeves
Life can be fun.! :)
Apr 12 2013 12:10 GMT Littleollie
When is your book coming out? This is so well written that you should be writing one.
Good capture, certainly under the circumstance; I didn't realise the versatility of an iPhone.