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Happy Friday everyone, not a moment too soon right. I think I may have twisted my arm reaching around to pat myself on the back, heh, recovering from late night despair that I could find anything twisted besides the bag of mostly eaten Twizzlers that states right on the package, "totally twisted". That was a huuuuge temptation. However, I found something I look at every day; this glass lotion (or perfume) bottle belonged to my grandmother, the label says "Carnation."

Now onto more "technical" matters, my FT friends. Apple phone would not do for this; I resurrected old faithful, Mr. Nikon that I was whining about all last summer, he felt suddenly familiar and even cooperated and let me try some of his more ticklish spots, including "closeup", woo hoo, he/we loved it.

Out of all the settings I tried (indoor portrait, museum, etc. - no NOT manual, one baby step at a time, please) I was more concerned with the light, and tried closeup as a final shot. (This is not the same as macro, I'm pretty sure.) When I reviewed the 58 pics on the computer (not really, 48) this last one threw me for a loop ~ I was so surprised and pleased. Thus the sore arm, it felt like I finally saw on the computer screen what my eyes had just seen, very gratifying, and I absolutely know YOU have all experienced this as well, this is the part we like ;o)))))

Taken tonight, half hour ago! (03.09.12, 10:45pm)
Cheerios and warm regards from the chilly Pacific Northwest ~~~
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 09 2012 07:35 GMT marijke06
Mar 09 2012 07:53 GMT senna3
Outstanding entry!
Mar 09 2012 07:57 GMT saffi9
your so right and slightly crazy , you fit in well on ft :)
Mar 09 2012 08:02 GMT Icandoit
great find!
Mar 09 2012 08:41 GMT sheasoru68
HAHAHA....Still laughing at Dave's comment....well, you did get a very good close up, and excellent DOF also,...it cannot have been too easy with the light issues, so well done Miss SS.
Mar 09 2012 08:49 GMT MargNZ
Well done Stephanie .... loved your tale of woe and your final great result . Yes we have all been there ;))
Mar 09 2012 09:09 GMT twsottawan PRO
Nicely done tabletop photo.

You know I used to have a Nikon camera myself a long time ago. When we walked out on the town together we got told to "Nik Off" a few times too many. People can feel ripped off if you point and shoot them with a paparazzi camera. Not that I ever did that, but it's an expectation on the part of a lot of people when they see you coming with one.
Mar 09 2012 09:51 GMT hallo
I was amused reading through your story Stephannie. Actually you are better an author than a photographer, yet with the humble equipment you are using the photo deserves a prize :)
Your grandmother God bless her sole, wherever she's resting would be pleased to see her carefully selected perfume bottle is globally admired!!
Mar 09 2012 10:26 GMT abojovna PRO
Thank you for greetings! beautiful taken!
Mar 09 2012 10:53 GMT hans55 PRO
a very good result for twistfriday !! ... greetings from sunny Holland ! :-)
Mar 09 2012 11:21 GMT superJoan
Stephanie this is a great entry
Mar 09 2012 11:31 GMT yvonNL
wonderful colors
Mar 09 2012 11:48 GMT sunrise99
very funny story and excellent result !
and thanks for our smiles !!!
Mar 09 2012 12:35 GMT roncarlin PRO
Well done. excellent entry
Mar 09 2012 14:35 GMT wijnie58
Indeed a very funny story...Fantastic entry Stephanie...:-))
Have a nice weekend...
Mar 09 2012 16:18 GMT martini957
I tee-totally love your entry & especially your words...I can so relate : ))
Mar 09 2012 17:37 GMT Annamaria
Great story Stephanie and the final result is great!! ;-))
Mar 09 2012 18:56 GMT bandsix
Thanks for the smiles, and the excellent entry!!
Mar 09 2012 19:38 GMT sini
Wonderful entry!:)
Mar 09 2012 23:47 GMT larrybenedict
I like it! Is that a fingernail polish bottle in the background? What's the story on the little bird looking thing? Sometimes I wish I'd purchased a Nikon instead of the Canon. The camera probably doesn't matter so much. I should be wishing I was a better photographer.
Mar 10 2012 04:38 GMT Studio88
Stephanie..I Twisted last night to Chubby Checker... Nice family Perfume bottle past down through the Generations. I'm a Nikon man , changed from Canon long time ago.
Pleasant Dreams from Sunny Warm Southeast Florida ;-)
Mar 10 2012 22:12 GMT fhelsing PRO
That is a lovely bottle, a real keeper!
Mar 11 2012 08:42 GMT Donjames
A really cool entry Steph
Mar 11 2012 09:54 GMT Donjames
This is where we are moving to...
Mar 11 2012 16:36 GMT peterpinhole
For some reason the bottle looks like its floating in mid air.,...Great choice for entry.
Mar 11 2012 16:38 GMT peterpinhole
Great story about the process of taking this shot. It turned out very well I think.
Mar 12 2012 09:10 GMT Littleollie
For every capture we post we have so many more that we just can't delete left on a drive; well that's my confession out in the open. :-)
Great capture, story and entry Stephanie.
Don't be afraid of manual settings; just like bungy-jumping, step off and feel the thrill. :-)
Mar 16 2012 09:59 GMT skyball
A great entry Legs4...and a very interesting and entertaining story!:-)).....
Mar 16 2012 21:17 GMT FLUMP
and very well done, it's very original and an almost sepia colour
Mar 24 2012 07:26 GMT legs4daze PRO
okay dave, only 'slightly crazy', that must be why we get along so well. tell me then where this reply to your two-week old comment shows up when you log in ;o)
Mar 24 2012 07:41 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks Margaret, i always have a good tale of woe at the ready ~~
Mar 24 2012 07:43 GMT legs4daze PRO
thank you TWS; i just had a delayed reaction to Nik-on and Nik-off, hahaha
Mar 24 2012 07:46 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks Alex, this is an easy crowd to please *smile*
Mar 24 2012 07:47 GMT legs4daze PRO
ah Nancy, i knew you would relate, thanks!
Mar 24 2012 07:50 GMT legs4daze PRO
thank you Larry; yes you have correctly identified the other ingredients; i wanted to show the size of this bottle, which is about the size of my fist; so if the bottle is 9, then the polish is 6 and the tiny glass bird, about the size of my little fingernail, is 3. you know how my mathematical mind works, NOT ;o))))
Mar 24 2012 07:51 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks Don what a gorgeous place!
Mar 24 2012 07:54 GMT legs4daze PRO
John, your confession is well received and a common theme among us all, i'm sure. but please, bungy-jumping, YOU feel that thrill and let us know, bwaaak bwaaak
Mar 24 2012 07:55 GMT legs4daze PRO
hi howard, did you guys 'twist last night like you did last summer?!"
Mar 24 2012 07:58 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks very much helen; actually the original photo was very golden and the colors very vibrant; the milky white bottle seemed to glow from within, which at first i was taken with, but then toned the colors down quite a bit so it didn't look so much like a jack-o-lantern!