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We had stopped in Salt Lake City but never deplaned, and even though the layover in Las Vegas was less than a half hour I was eager to get off the airplane but surprisingly I ~

Stepped into what seemed to be a full scale casino right there in the boarding lounge area. Mr. Nikon perked up and I started snapping away before finally leaving the rows and rows of slot machines when I noticed ~

They had started to re-board already so ~

Edith and I raced to the ladies' washroom immediately ~~

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Comments on this photo:

Apr 11 2012 08:19 GMT bandsix
Of course you did...an absolute essential for a fearful flyer...is Edith similarly affected?
Apr 11 2012 08:34 GMT legs4daze PRO
Barbara, LOL, you know me (us) too well; Edith and I are simpatico; when I had my back surgery the different nurses gave her the little hair bonnet, a pair of sox, a wrist band around her neck, and when i woke up she was with me in bed with a small bandage on her back! you just can't go wrong with a little pink girl bear ;o) haha, you called it!!
Apr 11 2012 10:21 GMT skyball
Great shot Steff..hope you did'nt spend all:-))......
Apr 11 2012 11:40 GMT julie13
Brilliant pic :)
Apr 11 2012 13:41 GMT hallo
Thanks for sharing this exciting experience Stephanie, it all sounds like a movie!
Apr 11 2012 14:06 GMT hans55 PRO
thats Las Vegas ... slotmachines everywhere .... i will never forget the sound of them !! ... we dont play much so we win a lot of money !! ... looking forward to go there again in september !!
Apr 11 2012 19:38 GMT Petermosull
Great image, how do you find time to go for a pee????
Apr 11 2012 20:15 GMT wijnie58
We have been their, its amazing world....:-))
Apr 12 2012 08:00 GMT Cronos1
Excellent ! Take care with your money :-))))
Apr 12 2012 23:00 GMT sheasoru68
Oh you live dangerously Stephie,.don't you....
Apr 18 2012 01:12 GMT Studio88
Cindy Emptied a LV Airport One Arm Bandit - Lady Luck Was On Our Side ;-)