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There were so many cats here on Pet Friday that I feared to post any photos of my cockatiels!! However, it may be safe now to show you two of Kiki's eggs. For perspective, that is a lightbulb behind these swirly beauties as they rest on my palm, they're about the size of my thumbnail. Cheers to the world ~ sorry I'm pushing 'late' to the limit ;o()
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Comments on this photo:

May 01 2012 16:19 GMT jomoud PRO
Yes Stephanie, it is indeed pushing late to the absolute limit.
However, better late than never.
I am glad you posted this shot..it is gorgeous
May 01 2012 16:22 GMT legs4daze PRO
thank you, john! that is my mantra these days while i push the limits ;o)
May 01 2012 16:52 GMT bandsix
It's a fantastic shot Steph....and i'm glad you posted it....better late than never, as the old saying goes.... And it was worth waiting for:))
May 01 2012 17:08 GMT sini
Original (belated) entry!:)
May 01 2012 17:14 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks, barbara, i'm pleased i got the swirls to show, and you have a lovely cat by the way!
May 01 2012 17:26 GMT legs4daze PRO
thank you, sini; i just remembered i posted a photo of cockatiel eggs compared to chicken eggs when i was first here, so this isn't too original after all ~~


May 01 2012 18:22 GMT sini
May 01 2012 18:37 GMT Petermosull
I Love the way the light shines through the shells - great image - are you alway's late on Friday's? :-)
May 01 2012 19:30 GMT Pea2007
Never to late Steph.
May 01 2012 19:35 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks ireland peter; yes, friday's, thursday's, wednesday's, tuesday's and usually monday's too ;)
May 01 2012 19:37 GMT legs4daze PRO
yes, switzerland peter, you said it well, thanks for the vote of confidence older friend xo!
May 01 2012 22:07 GMT hans55 PRO
better late than never !! ... a very good entry !!!
May 02 2012 07:35 GMT GeoffReeves
Cheers back at ya :)
May 02 2012 16:31 GMT roncarlin PRO
Excellent entry.
May 02 2012 18:25 GMT legs4daze PRO
ah thank you hans, it's sooo gratifying to be told repeatedly "better late than never," haha.
May 02 2012 18:35 GMT legs4daze PRO
hunju thank you and i can't possibly resist your compliment!
May 02 2012 21:59 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful and funny entry Stephanie..:-))
May 06 2012 10:20 GMT Wildspirit PRO
great shot, Steph.

May 07 2012 14:29 GMT caferr
so beautiful...
May 07 2012 23:18 GMT twsottawan PRO
Nicely done hand held macro photo. Great use of back lighting. Well done.
May 25 2012 19:20 GMT hallo
Reading the lines on your palm, I say you have prosperous long life...enjoy ;-))