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Sitting at mama's, late at night, playing cards, yes we had drank a coupla glasses of wine... Suddenly thud thud thud, we thought a >bat< was beating against the window outside. A moth the size of a small bird was trying desperately to get at our wine, I mean THE LIGHT! He was huge, too huge, and lest you think I exaggerate (which I sometimes do), compare him to the camera; he flung himself at the window repeatedly before tiring and resting, allowing me to take some quick photos. Look at those eyes!!! We had to open another bottle, mama was so shook up ;o) This is why I'm a city girl, they grow them too big up on the mountain for Stephie.
October, 2011
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 31 2011 19:37 GMT FLUMP
love the story behind the shot....i would have needed a stronger drink than wine faced with that monster!!
Oct 31 2011 20:09 GMT saffi9
love its crazy eyes and your crazy story :)
Oct 31 2011 20:12 GMT 01mitch
he was trying to get to the wine steph,
Oct 31 2011 20:52 GMT abojovna PRO
ha ha beautiful story and result! Lovely documentary collage!
Oct 31 2011 22:29 GMT bandsix
He is surely a big one!! Good job you had your camera with you, otherwise no one would believe you .....
Oct 31 2011 23:51 GMT sheasoru68
Perhaps he was after sampling some wine at a neighbours house.. and crashed on the way home Stephie,... drinking and driving.. bad idea... he is BIG.
Nov 01 2011 07:34 GMT Pea2007
Nice story and Moth lover...or was it the WINE.
Cheers Steph.
Nov 01 2011 22:17 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks, we would have had stronger if available but had to settle for MORE instead ;-p
Nov 01 2011 22:18 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks Dave, i do crazy fairly well, haha
Nov 01 2011 22:18 GMT legs4daze PRO
yes mitch that was my biggest fear right - protect the wine!!!!!
Nov 01 2011 22:19 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks, i actually took about 30 pictures while he was flying but they all turned out blurry, poor thing... he was exhausted i'm sure.
Nov 01 2011 22:23 GMT legs4daze PRO
Barbara, it was truly unbelievable the size of this guy, i could never tell this story if i couldn't back it up for sure, haha.
Nov 01 2011 22:25 GMT legs4daze PRO
thank you sheasoru68, he came to the wrong window for more wine, we wasn't about to share right. he probably would have finished our bottle and we needed it ;o)
Nov 01 2011 22:26 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks Peter, cheers as well older friend ;o)