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Small but rewarding compensation for multiple trips to the dentist. The tank is quite large enough that I could climb inside. Really.

As I wait my turn in a cold sweat of fear, in my mind's eye, I do, it's easier than I thought, I hardly make a splash, and it's calm and lovely in there. Sigh. I have to go back tomorrow. BIG sigh... World - send me positive vibes please and thank you. Cheerios from Steph in the States xo

P.S. It's a mixed blessing to see how much the world can relate to this dread of the dentist,I dedicate to all who are facing this challenge as well ~~ a brave, a bheith láidir, is féidir leat é a dhéanamh. Be Brave, Be Strong, You Can Do It. xxxxx ;o)))))
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 12 2012 17:20 GMT saffi9
keep smiling :)
love the shades
Jul 12 2012 17:52 GMT bandsix
Oh, it's a horrible feeling sitting there wil sweaty palms and churning guts isn't it? I am sending you loads of positive vibes and keeping my fingers crossed that your next visit may be the last for a while....:)))
Jul 12 2012 18:22 GMT jomoud PRO
Nice capture and entry Stephanie
I herweith send you all the good vibes I can muster up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 12 2012 18:58 GMT legs4daze PRO
yes thank you barbara i'm a TERRIBLE chicken s**t to be honest; ongoing adjustments are in progress for over a month now, something Larry could probably relate to in his line of work. i hope it is the final visit tomorrow too.
Jul 12 2012 18:59 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks john, i'll take 'em, one and all!
Jul 12 2012 19:00 GMT hallo
Superb vibrant green colors blend...Good you didn't climb in, it would have been from dentist to internist :))
Jul 12 2012 19:05 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks samir, i'm always tempted, every time when i go there i imagine it. i wish someone would dare me, hahahaha! (not)
Jul 12 2012 19:43 GMT Annamaria
Great shot, Stephanie!! All my best wishes for your next (hopefully last) visit to the dentist! I don't like him either....;-(
Jul 12 2012 20:40 GMT wijnie58
Fantastic reflection entry, Stephanie..I agree with Annamaria..:-))
Jul 12 2012 20:45 GMT legs4daze PRO
thank you anna; we fear him but need him so much!
Jul 12 2012 20:53 GMT hans55 PRO
a good reflections entry ... my thoughts are with you ... i dont like dentists either ... who does ?? :-(
Jul 12 2012 21:09 GMT superJoan
Fish swimming are said to relax you.. but they make me tense up as they go backwards and forwards....I hate going to the dentist too..and end up with my nails digging into my palms.....but if I mean to keep my smile...needs must....
Jul 13 2012 00:32 GMT fhelsing PRO
best wishes for a good outcome ... soon!
Jul 13 2012 08:00 GMT MargNZ
Not only do I hate the dentist, I hate having to pay the huge bill ! It would take more than a fish tank to calm me down .... great entry Steph :)
Jul 13 2012 13:25 GMT twsottawan PRO
Nice Fish Foto. It's beyond me why people would have a sado-masochistic relationship or engage in S&M when they can go to the dentist and get as much pain as they are willing to put up with.
Jul 13 2012 14:52 GMT martini957
Cool refection shot....I can so relate to your feelings....bless your heart...sending positive vibes : ))
Jul 13 2012 21:02 GMT julie13
Just been going through your pics that I missed, nice work each and every one them :)
Jul 14 2012 10:08 GMT sheasoru68
Where did the blast of Gaeilge come from there Steph????.....Ah the dentist,...I know a guy who went in one time to have a filling and came out with ALL his teeth removed,...seriously,...ah,..nothing to worry about though for you....:-)))))))))
Jul 26 2012 17:41 GMT larrybenedict
"Más verde."
All the talk about nervousness and the dental office. More relaxing than getting a haircut for me....better seating!