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East Side Sunset - you know you're not in the 'burbs any more when there are electric wires across the sky. I don't miss the suburbs, I absolutely love being in the city ~~

This afternoon I'm heading out of town for the weekend and I get to see a new city, Albuquerque, New Mexico, which I believe will have the most drastic geographical difference from Oregon. It is in the desert and will NOT be lush and green, and I hear the sunsets are spectacular. Mr. Nikon is fully charged and all his gear packed! Let's see if he's a good traveler.

An added bonus - I have a layover in Las Vegas, Nevada both coming and going... I shall need to get some quarters right so I can gamble in the ladies. (You know there are slot machines EVERYWHERE, haha!)

Cheerios, World, wish me luck ~ and I have SO loved seeing your fire in the sky this week, what a great theme ;oP

P.S. Happy and Blessed Easter to all who celebrate.
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 06 2012 19:23 GMT hamid2010
Lovely sky shot :)
Apr 06 2012 19:28 GMT skyball
Thats a nice shot Steff...i can make a face into it!!...enjoy your trip, and keep clicking that camera!!......good luck!!!!!!......
Apr 06 2012 19:36 GMT Petermosull
Great image, the sky is like that scene in the film Independance Day when the Alien ship first appears out of the fiery sky. I hear a few aliens have been seen in Navada, keep Mr Nikon at the ready and if you hit the jackpot in the ladies think of your poor cousins in Europe!
Apr 06 2012 19:42 GMT jomoud PRO
Excellent entry Stephanie. Perfect entry for the theme.
Have a great time in New Mexico and work Mr. Nikon.
Yes, I knew that there are slots in the washrooms at LV airport:)
Good luck!!!!
Apr 06 2012 19:45 GMT saffi9
good luck , great sky , photos of machines in toilets please
Apr 06 2012 20:10 GMT hallo
I like your picture Stephanie, the yellow spots show the intensity of fire glow heating up the dark blue sky...well done my friend and have a good time in Albuquerque!
Don't drink too much on the flight to save your money :)
Apr 06 2012 20:22 GMT sheasoru68
Super shot there Stephie,..love the contrasting colours,...what a lovely trip,..lucky you,...there will be lots of photo ops in Vegas.....best of luck.
Apr 06 2012 20:28 GMT GeoffReeves
Happy Easter Steph !!
Apr 06 2012 20:35 GMT Wildspirit PRO
You will be so pleasantly surprised in Albuquerque...Mr. Nikon will get a good workout, I am sure. I love your P.S.

P.S. Happy and Blessed Easter to all who celebrate.

and same to you, Steph! Oh, and by the way, your sunset is great!
Apr 06 2012 21:15 GMT bandsix
Great shot...you have yourself a wonderful time, hope the gambling goes in your favour:)) and a great entry for the theme today, too!!
Apr 06 2012 21:23 GMT julie13
Fantastic colours. Good luck on those machines :)
Apr 06 2012 22:52 GMT hans55 PRO
a great fireinthesky picture !!!
have a great time in LV ... we hope to be there in september !! :-)
Apr 07 2012 05:39 GMT sini
Great colours!:)
Apr 08 2012 07:17 GMT Donjames
Cool entry...enjoy the slot machines...get rich!!!!!!!!
Apr 08 2012 21:54 GMT wijnie58
Fantastic work Stephanie...:-))
Apr 11 2012 01:50 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks, geoff, glad you can see the face, you recognized cupid !
Apr 11 2012 01:51 GMT legs4daze PRO
i love that movie, Peter, thanks for the nice compliment ;o)
Apr 11 2012 01:52 GMT legs4daze PRO
you knew this john, eh, do tell... ;oD
Apr 11 2012 01:52 GMT legs4daze PRO
dave, you asked for it, you got it!
Apr 11 2012 01:54 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks samir, i haven't seen the sky like that before or since; no drinking on the plane for this girl, but after we landed... another story ~~~
Apr 11 2012 01:56 GMT legs4daze PRO
hans, you guys will love it i'm sure!