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DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE, DOUBLE YOUR FUN.... remember that chewing gun commercial?
Here's one of the billions, okay, millions, would you believe hundreds... how about dozens of photographs I've taken at work.
Through the looking glass: outside looking in, through, and behind... wide stanced, balanced and ready for the world. ^mostly^

Last week's dentist visit was relatively painless and ultimately s u c c e s s f u l.
Thank you my worldly friends for the international support, and thank you Mr. O for another beautiful frame ~ cheerios from the Pacific Northwest ;-D (see my pretty new smile)
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 19 2012 16:15 GMT sheasoru68
I can see right through you Steph...:-))))
Jul 19 2012 16:23 GMT hans55 PRO
very nice reflections !! ...good to hear that your visits to the dentist are over !! :-)
Jul 19 2012 16:44 GMT legs4daze PRO
ah joe, i was afraid of that ;-P
Jul 19 2012 16:44 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks, hans, all's well tlhat ends well, right?!
Jul 19 2012 17:01 GMT saffi9
nottingham welcomes oregon we should have a picture of those teeth
Jul 19 2012 17:30 GMT bandsix
Great photo of the almost invisible woman from Portland Oregon......and I'm with Saffi9...I think we should be getting a glimpse of the gnashers!!
Jul 19 2012 17:33 GMT legs4daze PRO
in septembet i'll be on a train to London from wherever the ferry from Dublin drops us off; i'll wave in passing, dave! i should frame these expensive teeth, much less take a photo, hey ;o))
Jul 19 2012 17:35 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks, barbara, guess i could manage a smile soon enough, i have many reasons to be happy xo
Jul 19 2012 19:29 GMT jomoud PRO
Terrific reflection sho Stephanie.
Glad to hear that your dental adventure is behind you:):)
I guess for an upcoming funfriday I should assign "Teeth":):):)
Jul 19 2012 20:46 GMT wijnie58
Fantastic entry, Stephanie.. I am affraid for the dentist...:-))
Jul 20 2012 00:07 GMT fhelsing PRO
The dental work is finished ... and now it's time for some fun!
Jul 20 2012 16:11 GMT T1MELESS PRO
A terrific entry !!!!
Jul 21 2012 04:51 GMT roncarlin PRO
nice entry
Jul 22 2012 08:02 GMT Annamaria
Great double reflections, Stephanie! I am so glad all went well at the dentist... now show us your new smile in another picture please...;-)
Jul 26 2012 17:00 GMT Donjames
Great pic Steph
Jul 26 2012 17:31 GMT larrybenedict
No one has mentioned the vanishing point in this picture. There is more than one of you in this 'mile long' photo.
Aug 03 2012 05:00 GMT twsottawan PRO
Is it true the "Glass Door" is more difficult to pass through than the "Glass Ceiling". In the picture it appears there is someone trying to block the opening. Sorry I couldn't right since your last message. I was called away on other business and had to keep a low profile..
Aug 07 2012 22:40 GMT twsottawan PRO
My God has Miss Daze vanished. Say it isn't so.