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Still Thursday for me;o) I have discovered my camera's night vision!!! This was shot in the pouring rain on the "night landscape" scene setting, no flash, though I wonder, why can't you see the rain? For once all the EXIF info is showing; I would be willing to try it manually and adjust any of these settings as I think Portland in the rain has tooo many reflections for me to resist.

Any thoughts, friends?

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 11 2011 06:28 GMT FLUMP
Cant help you there...im more of a twiddle the buttons and hope for the best sort...still it's a great pic!!!
Nov 11 2011 06:31 GMT legs4daze PRO
Thanks, Helen, for sure! I can't even believe I'm asking this question, haha, but there are some wonderfully knowledgeable and friendly people here ~~
Nov 11 2011 07:01 GMT saffi9
hi with rain i dont think the camera has anything to focus on because it has fallen by the time you see it - i hope this is correct great shot
Nov 11 2011 07:20 GMT bandsix
A good one there Dave, even if it's not correct (and it probably is) it shows your brain cells are still functioning by the time it gets to Friday!! I've no idea Steph...my brain cells are still asleep.....good reflection shot :))
Nov 11 2011 09:50 GMT MargNZ
This is stunning without the raindrops :))
Nov 11 2011 11:50 GMT 01mitch
great capture steph :O))
Nov 11 2011 19:38 GMT Pea2007
Maybe it was your ASA speed but a good image still,hope you enjoyed the rain.
Nov 12 2011 12:47 GMT sheasoru68
My limited view on the rain is,.. that you need to have a very fast shutter speed to catch raindrops, your camera is most likely on auto, and will make the choice for you here. In other words, the low light will give you a slow shutter release, so the raindrops will not be seen, but, if you set the camera somewhere steady (tripod), then on the right setting, 1/8,1/4, etc.. you should at least get the rain streaking in your exposure. In addition, in a manual setting, the f-stop should be somewhere in medium, to get a moderate sized depth of field,and manually set the focus point close to you. Autofocus will not see the drops by itself. Of course, night light and daylight are completely different. Hope this helps ... Nice photo btw.
Nov 13 2011 17:32 GMT Xaragma
An iguanarium! I'm not even sure if I could buy an iguana here :)
Nov 16 2011 21:49 GMT jomoud PRO
I like this evening shot in the rain:)

A fine rain is extremely difficult to shoot.
To capture heavier rain you pretty well have to use the manual settings of your camera Stehanie. Try to set the camera at a high speed and as sheas said use manual focus.
A tripod is definitely recommended. You may have to take a few shots to find the correct settings.
Nov 16 2011 22:48 GMT Icandoit
Good reflection capture
Nov 17 2011 19:49 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks, Dave, yes i can't figure out how to make the rain slow down! (yet)
Nov 17 2011 19:50 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks, Barbara, always a learning process even with sleepy brains ;o)
Nov 17 2011 19:52 GMT legs4daze PRO
Thanks, Margaret; that night i was so aware of every neon sign in the city !
Nov 17 2011 19:53 GMT legs4daze PRO
thank you, mitch; you know me and reflections ~~
Nov 17 2011 19:57 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks, Peter, oh, my uh... ASA speed, right! ;o)))
yes i enjoy the rain very much, lucky for me eh~~~
Nov 17 2011 20:00 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks, Joe, great information. i have been practicing by propping my elbows on my balcony, closest to a tripod for me right now; depth of field is my next area to understand. i'm getting plenty of practice in the rain, but still just blurry shots. i'll have many opportunities to learn ;o)
Nov 17 2011 20:01 GMT legs4daze PRO
haha, Steve, good one! i have no idea what you could really buy in there either, but loved how he shined in the pink neon; greetings to adelaide and fremont park!
Nov 17 2011 20:04 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks, John, i feel so fortunate to have this wonderful place to share in the benefit of everyone's knowledge and experience. i still depend on the auto-mode quite a bit but venturing slowly into manual settings ;o)
Nov 17 2011 20:06 GMT legs4daze PRO
thank you, Harry, for visiting my picture! greetings from portland ;o)