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"I'm Only Happy When It Rains"

Which is why I love Portland sooo much, it's good for the red roses ~
Cheers from the Pacific Northwest TO THE WORLD ;o)

(What? These don't look like red roses to you?)
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 07 2012 08:33 GMT hans55 PRO
very nice floral entry ... no dont look like roses to me ! :-)
Jul 07 2012 08:58 GMT Foggydew
Great image.
Jul 07 2012 09:00 GMT MargNZ
Nope afraid not Steph ... but who cares, it's a great entry :))
Jul 07 2012 09:19 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful floral entry, Stephanie..:-))
Jul 07 2012 09:31 GMT hallo
You managed to show so much in one picture, which is very interesting! I'm sure those are roses, in my language all flowers are roses :)
Jul 07 2012 13:39 GMT saffi9
you should live in england you,d be hysterical :)
great shot
Jul 07 2012 15:59 GMT bandsix
Dave's right, you would! Musn't complain, we haven't has rain for at leat ten minutes now:))
I have some of those 'roses' in my garden, too.....
Jul 07 2012 16:13 GMT sini
Lovely floral entry!:)
Jul 07 2012 20:19 GMT Annamaria
I love your "roses"....;-))
Jul 08 2012 14:08 GMT twsottawan PRO
Portland thats close to Washington AC and the Canadian section of the Coast isn't it. I was in that region a long time ago. If you don't like rain you are never happy because the sun doesn't shine much there. Lithium pills are considered a fools paradise there. Glad you are happy.
Jul 08 2012 14:54 GMT twsottawan PRO
Oh by the way. Do you know the Annie Lennox tune "Here comes the rain again. Falling on my head like memories ... ". Some people have good memories inspite of what the background music may sound like. A. L. she's my main song writer / singer.
Jul 08 2012 21:32 GMT larrybenedict
used to have some of those roses too! Grew too fast to keep them trimed , so I took the chain saw to them. Maybe it's not the same thing. We call um 'Red Top' in my part of the world. Pretty red color at the top though. Florida could use more rain and maybe you would enjoy more sun??????? Blue skies and 99.4 F here right now (at 5:26PM) Yeppers, it's hot!
Some pretty funny comment from Hallo, Dave and Barbara.
Jul 08 2012 22:04 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks mr. O, yes happy in my own fool's paradise, even without the big L. portland is about six hours drive to Vancouver BC and ten minutes from Vancouver WA, right across the river. AL is also a fav, "would i lie to you" comes immediately to mind. :O)
Jul 08 2012 22:07 GMT legs4daze PRO
hi larry, it's quite gratifying that these roses are so well recognized all over the world; i told dave and barbara i'm planning to visit london in september, and asked if i'd be happy, will it most likely be raining for me, heh. no i would not enjoy more sun, ever, redheads don't tan dear, i've been referred to as "solarphobic" and can't deny it ;-)
Jul 09 2012 02:53 GMT legs4daze PRO
thank you samir, i seem determined to take pics when it's raining. you speak the right language then on your side of the world ~
Jul 09 2012 14:27 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
What a riot of colour! Those pretty "roses" at the bottom (actually Lychnis coronaria) grow like weeds in my garden.
Thank you for your nice comment on Larry's page by the way!
Jul 10 2012 00:28 GMT fhelsing PRO
There's nothing like bright flowers (and leaves) on a rainy day!
Jul 13 2012 14:53 GMT martini957
I can see the red...cool floral entry : ))