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Hi everyone, not quite midnight, still officially Friday in Portland! I have been taking tons of photos in the last two weeks, keeping Mr. Slow But Sure Nikon at my side rain or shine. But yesterday I unexpectedly spent the afternoon in the heart of downtown and the beast was HOME. Ack ack!! Deserted in time of need!

Here I was on the top level of the parking garage in the midst of MAD CRAZY reflections, then at the court house with its beautiful marble architecture, and finally in this county clerk's office, where they process marriage licenses, passport applications, and property tax assessments! When I saw the staircase I was transfixed, amazed at the design and beauty. And promptly took 500 (okay only 400) pictures with my cell, that would be Mr. Fast and Easy iPhone, and HE has an HDR setting! With the help of a friend, I finally chose one that I hope is suitable to post today. I don't fully understand HDR, but this photo comes fairly close to showing the depth I saw.

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Comments on this photo:

Mar 24 2012 07:22 GMT saffi9
hi steph fanastic shot expressed superbly - if you reply to something from 2 weeks ago it still comes up as a comment on their page as long as you press reply, hope this helps
thanks for your fantastic comments , much appreciated
Mar 24 2012 07:27 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks grandpa dave; i did a test reply just now...
Mar 24 2012 07:41 GMT saffi9
grandad dave sounds just a bit younger :)
Mar 24 2012 08:02 GMT Cronos1
Steph, be sure that when the UFO will land at 20m, the beast will be also home (or the battery will be down ) ! (these are the Murphy's laws :-)))))))))))
Mar 24 2012 08:04 GMT Cronos1
Splendid photo !
Mar 24 2012 08:22 GMT legs4daze PRO
thank you don, yes yes you are so right! i carry a full on equipment bag with me for that beast; card reader for when he gets too full too fast; battery charger for when i wear him out too quickly. ahhh i love the old guy though, he has a certain charm ;o)
Mar 24 2012 08:51 GMT Annamaria
This is a stunning hdr-shot, Stephanie!! ;-)
Mar 24 2012 09:04 GMT legs4daze PRO
thank you Annamaria, i was fortunate to have some helpful guidance, i felt pleased with how it turned out.
Mar 24 2012 10:15 GMT bandsix
Super shot Steph.....it's great reading your novellas before looking at the comments, too:))))
Mar 24 2012 11:05 GMT wijnie58
Fantastic HDR entry Stephanie...I agree with Barbara...:-))
Mar 24 2012 13:06 GMT Petermosull
Beautiful image, and so well edited!
Mar 24 2012 18:37 GMT hallo
I think this is a Bestseller Stephanie. The Cover Page is just perfect ;-)
Mar 24 2012 18:52 GMT legs4daze PRO
barbara thanks for the vote of confidence on the shot, i wanted so much to portray how it looked from standing at the bottom. yes, my novella, hahaha, i've turned into quite the Chatty Cathy with my captive audience haven't i ?! (no one but us will know who Chatty Cathy is)
Mar 24 2012 18:53 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks Wijnie, all that without even trying; i really hope you know you're all complimenting my erstwhile friend's helpful advice ;o)
Mar 24 2012 18:59 GMT legs4daze PRO
thank you peter, yes i've had tremendous support and encouragement from FT friends, was even told i have a good eye, guess that's to make up for lack of experience and skills! i had a lot of help with the editing, it was a great benefit.
Mar 24 2012 22:04 GMT MargNZ
Excellent hdr presentation Stephanie .. yes FT is time consuming and addictive :))
Mar 24 2012 22:11 GMT legs4daze PRO
thank you Samir! a best seller, hmmm... you are encouraging my penmanship, the truth is i think i just like to talk ;o) but if this photo were on a book cover it would certainly catch your attention i think.
Mar 24 2012 22:12 GMT legs4daze PRO
thank you Marg, looking at everyone's HDR pics today is very 'enlightening' ;o))) AND ADDICTIVE ~~~
Mar 25 2012 19:49 GMT hans55 PRO
a great HDR entry Stephanie !! .... its great fun to read and write comments ... i do spend nice hours at FT ...better than watching telly ! :-)
Mar 26 2012 08:12 GMT sheasoru68
Spectacular looking staircase for sure,....looks like white granite,....court house???...do they waste money on themselves as much over there as they do here????
Mar 27 2012 04:14 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks Hans, i agree, the hours spent on the computer seem to fly by!
Mar 27 2012 04:17 GMT legs4daze PRO
ah joe, i guess government waste is a world-wide phenomenon :-//
Mar 27 2012 04:40 GMT peterpinhole
Wow! Impressive staircase and a nice sharp image from Mr. iphone.
Great entry.
Mar 27 2012 05:55 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks Peter; his best trait is AVAILABILITY; Mr. iPhone and i are virtually joined at the hip ;o)
Mar 27 2012 06:16 GMT marijke06
great hdr, great lines!:)
Mar 27 2012 16:20 GMT martini957
It's awesome...you did great!!!!
Mar 27 2012 19:41 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Love the composition, lighting, and HDR effect. One thing I do in HDR is to 'adjust' it to different strengths (thru software) and pick the most pleasing effect. I seldom use it, however. Love the staircase design! My wife has an iphone 4S and hadn't really discovered HDR until I showed her this photo. I suspect that she will be using it soon.

Keep up the good talk, Steph. I enjoy reading.
Mar 27 2012 22:56 GMT eliaskhalil
Everything in this capture is stunning Stephanie, the stair rail color is just with taste, it goes fantastically with the marble stairs, the balusters have a unique shape, all in all the capture in professionally taken. The stairs gave me an idea for my next stair design. FAVs.
Mar 28 2012 04:19 GMT Studio88
Steph...Give a Great Writer a Pencil and She'll Write a Best Selling Novel....Give a
Great Photographer a Cellphone and You Have Brilliant Work Like This ;-)
Mar 28 2012 06:26 GMT legs4daze PRO
thanks marijke, a setting such as this makes anyone look good even me!
Mar 28 2012 06:38 GMT legs4daze PRO
nancy thanks but i feel compelled to make it clear i had BIG HELP, haha... which of course was half the fun!
Mar 28 2012 06:40 GMT legs4daze PRO
excellent Jim, she will love using it i think! this is my first experience with HDR, i didn't even know what it stood for, but my friend was so helpful with the editing and i loved the result. oh my i'm getting waaay too much encouragement to TALK TALK TALK, hahahaha, it's sooo cool to talk to the world though!
Mar 28 2012 06:42 GMT legs4daze PRO
elias thank you so very much!!! a lovely surprise and wonderful compliment; i'm very encouraged now. can't wait to check in and see your stair photo; it will be something i recognize at least and you won't have me asking "what is that" as usual ;o)
Mar 28 2012 06:45 GMT legs4daze PRO
oh howard, HAHAHA, you're cracking me up. again i get to say LOL ~~~ thank yuou so much, yes... pencil and phone, tools of the trade right! but i must be clear that my meandering comments are my own, this great photo however was a collaborative effort ;o))))
Mar 29 2012 19:43 GMT hamid2010
Amazing HDR shot :)
Mar 30 2012 05:39 GMT legs4daze PRO
thank you for your kind comment, i must admit i was amazed myself !
Mar 30 2012 08:25 GMT caferr
great work my friend...
Apr 04 2012 09:22 GMT skyball
Certainly an eyecatcher!!:-))....
Apr 04 2012 20:07 GMT FLUMP
I love this one - the subject really suits HDR - great job
Apr 05 2012 06:35 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Impressive picture Steph!