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Ya Gotta Love A Man Who Makes You LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH

You've heard the saying, "the patience of a saint?" I know an Irishman who should be nominated for sainthood, if that's the case. Poor unfortunate lad has managed to find himself a procrastinator to the nth degree, someone who's late ALL the time (which you've probably noticed this by now yourself), an easily distracted girl who needs constant prompting to complete a project, and worst of all (by his own admission) who drives with her knees while taking photographs. Oooooh, he REALLY bit his tongue to shreds more than once. Yep, St. Peter :-D

Come on now, world ... don't ya just love this guy?!

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Comments on this photo:

Mar 19 2013 16:14 GMT 25barb
Now this tells us all...that Peter has a great sense of humor and will participate in
activities that makes us all laugh.
Great collage and the photos are magnificent.... Love all the different expressions and all the addtitions to the head and face...he is a good sport to participate in changing his personna so often... Yep...give him credit as 'a good guy'
Thanks Peter for giving smiles...And thank you Stefanie for sharing the smiles.
Mar 19 2013 16:19 GMT Petermosull
I knew I should have erased these pics from your phone!!!!!, dodgy head gear for a dodgy guy on a cold night in seatle
Mar 19 2013 16:21 GMT saffi9
so funny
Mar 19 2013 16:21 GMT Annamaria
That sounds like real love, Steph!! ;-) Its great to have humour... so important, and you being ate.... well, i guess Peter will get used to that!!

Maybe you can buy extra strong buffers around your car to protect him when you are drinving and taking pictures at the same moment??

I love these pictures....;-)
Mar 19 2013 16:28 GMT abojovna PRO
Ha ha, very funny !
Mar 19 2013 16:59 GMT Petermosull
BTW - lets get this driving with the knees thing right - Stephanie drives with her knees at 80mph (130kph) on highway I-5 going over Grants pass. A 10 hour road trip we took that started out with me having about 30% grey hair, now look at the silly hats I have to wear to cover all the new grey!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 19 2013 17:04 GMT legs4daze PRO
hahahahaha, SEE!! see how he makes me laugh... i'm sure it was only 79 mph, and anyways, i have long legs, my knees reach the steering wheel quite well thank you very much ~~~~~~~
Mar 19 2013 18:53 GMT hans55 PRO
funny pics of Peter ...i'am sure you will have a great time together !!! :-)
Mar 19 2013 20:16 GMT MargNZ
These are very amusing shots I think we can see the 'real' Peter now !
Please keep your hands on the steering wheel Steph :)
Mar 19 2013 21:38 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Hans..This is real love hahaha...:-))
Mar 20 2013 10:00 GMT skyball
I'm still laughing Steph!!..a great collage of shots!!!!:-))
Mar 20 2013 12:18 GMT Papagena
Having a lot of fun for sure !! ;+))

Anyway a day without laughing is a day completely lost !!.........
Mar 21 2013 10:32 GMT bandsix
My, what a handsome chap you are....I love the black webby thing...I think it's going to be 'first up, best dressed' in your house!!
Mar 25 2013 17:18 GMT superJoan
Steph please give yourself more time to stop and take all those much wanted pictures... life is too short to take risks... Peter talk some sense into her....I nearly had a fit thinking about driving with the knees at 80mph... not funny!!!!!
Apr 12 2013 03:49 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Steph, that's great...driving with your knees just to get a picture. But please be careful, especially in traffic. Hope you and Peter are enjoying yourselves. I just posted in a facebook site called HEMET IS GOOD....used to live there, got lots of great shots. TTYL,