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Happy St. Patricks' Day to all my worldly friends. Today's a very special day as well, it's mama's 80th birthday!

This photograph of the bush was actually taken last summer, you can't see the scale, it's about four feet tall; there are a row of them under the deck, and in the afternoon sun the railing creates a lovely shadow pattern. I don't know what kind they are, probably Larry will, or someone of you real gardeners!

I had this framed and ready to post on Friday, but at the last minute asked my "personal editor" to superimpose this picture I took of mama a couple of weeks ago. (Thank you, Personal Editor.) She had a big party this afternoon up in Washington, my brother drove up from Sacramento, it was great, and the best part is, she now gets well wishes, presents and cards directly from Ireland !!! Is that cool or what?!

Cheerios World, hope everyone had a good weekend xo
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 18 2013 08:07 GMT hallo
Happy Birthday to the beautiful lady...The green plant looks like fern to me, but it could be something else I'm not a specialist :)
Mar 18 2013 08:08 GMT 25barb
Lovely photo. Your personal editor did a great job in superimposing your beautiful mother on the green. Hope she had a great birthday...and with family and the Irish
connection must have been a wonderful day.
May she have many more happy birthdays...
Mar 18 2013 08:44 GMT bandsix
A lovely lady - glad you were able to make it a family affair...especially with the St Patrick's Day connections.......:)))
Mar 18 2013 10:40 GMT Papagena
A marvellous composed picture !! Your mum still looks young !! Also my best Birthday Wishes to her !!

I also think the plant belongs to the family of fern.....


Mar 18 2013 11:21 GMT skyball
A well presented card for your Mother Steph!!..my best wishes to you both!!!!!........
Mar 18 2013 13:57 GMT Cronos1
Superb card, Steph !
Mar 18 2013 14:44 GMT Annamaria
Happy Birthday for you and your mother, Stephanie!! She looks a lot younger then 80 years old!! ;-)) All my best wishes for many more years in good health and happiness!!
Mar 18 2013 14:45 GMT Annamaria
ps. I think its a kind of fern..... so many different of those, but all beautiful! ;-))
Mar 18 2013 15:16 GMT Sheila PRO
Happy Birthday Mama!
Mar 18 2013 16:25 GMT wijnie58
Happy Birthday for you and your mother, Stephanie...She looks a happy lady.
Have a great day..:-))
Mar 18 2013 16:56 GMT hans55 PRO
a very nice tribute to your mother Steph !!
Mar 18 2013 22:11 GMT Petermosull
Your personal editor thanks you xxx
Mar 19 2013 09:37 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful card you made for your mother, Stephanie! The best wishes!
Apr 01 2013 16:15 GMT Cooler PRO
Beautiful work ;-)
Apr 20 2013 00:13 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Beautiful mother, great card, talented personal editor, Steph!