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ralf holds himself up on another sign that shows where he's been
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 14 2007 17:09 GMT TRICKS4U
Ralf is the ambassador!!!!!

He's looking very healthy these days :)
Dec 14 2007 19:10 GMT soldier
He or she? Stunning my friend!
Dec 14 2007 19:14 GMT ldhill62
ralf is a male skeleton
Dec 14 2007 19:30 GMT Snappa
It's interesting that his hair keeps growing isnt it.
Dec 14 2007 20:08 GMT victoto
so natural and un-inhibited model just invites to stay at town.....heheh....saludos
Dec 14 2007 20:25 GMT martini957
"Dem bones....Dem bones...
The head-bone connected to the neck-bone,
the neck-bone connected to the back-bone
The backbone connected to the thigh-bone
the thighbone connected to the kee-bone
the kneebone connected to the leg bone
the leg bone connected to the foot bone (cute series of Dem Bones)
Dec 14 2007 20:43 GMT andreadeortiz
Wooow.. terrific! =)
Dec 14 2007 23:41 GMT abojovna PRO
Ty se vyblbnes :-)))!

I hope Ralf have his own ID card?
Dec 15 2007 00:50 GMT ldhill62
we don't have id cards here yet but ralf has character
Dec 15 2007 01:10 GMT kimbob
Hey ralf--looking good!!
Dec 15 2007 11:32 GMT paparazziboy
Ralf For PreZidenT!@
Dec 15 2007 21:01 GMT princessnot
funny traveller ;P
Dec 15 2007 21:26 GMT grumpyoldtrout
I think he has lost weight, maybe he needs to get out more. lol
Dec 16 2007 10:14 GMT ganet
Ralf loves his travelling doesn't he (lol) - I expect he's looking forward to the festive season and getting a bit of meat on those bones!
Dec 17 2007 02:04 GMT Agoraphobia
Dec 17 2007 17:22 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Ralf has made my year fun here ... excellent ..thanks Ralf and his carrier ..lol ;-)
Dec 17 2007 18:41 GMT ldhill62
thank you,hopefuly he'll get out more next year and give more laughs...Les
Dec 17 2007 18:49 GMT garynumber1cleaner
I admire him so much.. never seems to make any bones about things ..just happily gets on with it .. ;-)
thanks Les ...I look forward very much to his conitinued travels ;-)))
Dec 18 2007 00:51 GMT hans55 PRO
ralf sees a lot of nice places !! :-)
Dec 18 2007 21:39 GMT karabela42
funny pics :))
Dec 27 2007 18:05 GMT genese
whats ralf doing friday night ;)
Dec 27 2007 18:13 GMT ldhill62
i'm sure he's available if you can get to east kilbride
Dec 29 2007 09:03 GMT genese
thats a long drive :) maybe ill give him a call when im in that area later this year
Jan 03 2008 15:39 GMT xkimmiey
Cool :P