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Some of you will remember (recall) my baby ducks from last March. Here is a Reuen pair (pronounced 'roo-au' I think). My 'French' is not so good!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rouen_Duck
I have enjoyed the ducks very much for just the visual treat of having them wandering about. Another bonus is the great tasting eggs they give me. The ducks are 'free-range' so the eggs are much more nutritious in the Omega 3 fatty acids and Beta Carotene as evidenced in the very orange yolks. Must be the grass and bugs in their diet!!! :-)
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 14 2013 17:34 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Great to see how big and handsome they have become, Larry.
I hope all the others have survived and done as well as these two.
Jan 14 2013 21:55 GMT wijnie58
Great duck picture, Larry..:-))
Jan 15 2013 00:54 GMT fhelsing PRO
a wonderful pair!
Jan 15 2013 06:34 GMT junne PRO
very good looking couple
Jan 16 2013 14:38 GMT larrybenedict
Sylvia, 13 or the original 16 have survived. They are all doing really well now that they have matured and become more cautious with many predators about !
Jan 16 2013 20:28 GMT bandsix
Mr Duck looks like a happy quacker...think he is trying to say something. I love his deep orange coloured legs, and the amazing iridescent green on his beautiful head..... Glad so many have survived, too:))
Jan 17 2013 00:22 GMT larrybenedict
I like the orange legs too Barbara. He is a handsome fellow and I'm not sure what he was saying to the others, but it could have been a "heads-up" that the man who throws out the corn has just stepped out the door. It kind of looks like a protest though..." Hey, what is that thing you are pointing at me and my girl."
Jan 17 2013 00:52 GMT Bellavista
13 survived? that's a good rate! I never have eaten ducks eggs, is it tasty?
Jan 17 2013 02:06 GMT potterjo
Beautiful pair, so glad you showed them to us.