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I know I am supposed to post a photo of my home-made pear picker in this slot, but I haven't been in the garage to look for it yet.
Last year a bought some beautiful round peppers at Wal-Mart and saved the seeds. They were fairly thick walled peppers with a sweet taste and not a hint of HEAT. They aren't much bigger that a golf ball, but the red color is just beautiful...kinda looks more like a small tomato---thought it would be a good stuffing pepper. Well, the first generation crop from the saved seeds was very good, so I saved those seeds as well. This photo is from the third generation. No longer the very round shape, but just a little tapered. I picked one this morning and started eating it like an apple right off the little pepper tree......WHOA!!!!!!!!! nearly burned my tongue off. I danced around like an American Indian about to declare war., but that heat held onto my tongue like a bull dog holds onto a wild pig. I still think they are a pretty red color, and so far, it doesn't burn my eyes to look at them!
If you look close, you'll see banana trees in the background and those extra delicious cucumbers over to the right of the peppers
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 02 2009 05:18 GMT sini
They look great!:)
Sep 02 2009 06:44 GMT LizSA
you have a interesting assortment of Veg and fruit in your garden..

I see you are a devoted gardener...! and you remind me of my brother in law..
he is also collecting red pepper plants and then he jar or can (word?) them..
one of his great hobby's ,, everything in his garden he jar or can...! I do not know the english word for jar in a sauce...!
Sep 02 2009 06:46 GMT marijke06
great and shiny!
Sep 02 2009 08:43 GMT charlotte
super story, great, wish i had a garden
Sep 02 2009 12:42 GMT dorman PRO
Sep 02 2009 18:09 GMT gr8ronkinroll PRO
I hope you come back for the 10th generation taste test! ; )
Sep 02 2009 23:20 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you sini.
Sep 02 2009 23:25 GMT larrybenedict
Issie, yes I do have a pretty good variety of edible things. Like your brother, there was a time when I collected pepper plants from different parts of the world, but eventually, many of them cross pollinated and my Mother Plants died out after 5 or 6 years. I keep the pepper varieties separated now, but only have 4 varieties. Many of my plants are in large pots sitting around on the patios.
Sep 02 2009 23:28 GMT larrybenedict
Thanks for the comment Marijke. Yes, I think these are the most shiny peppers I have...and the brightest red.
Sep 02 2009 23:36 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you Charlotte. I tell little stories (share my thoughts) under some of my photos because I like to hear other peoples stories. Mostly, I ask a lot of questions when I feel like I can get away with it. The longer I live, the more curious I become. If only I had as many answers as I do questions! Maybe we can look forward to a little story from you with your next posting. :-)
Sep 03 2009 03:45 GMT verarenm
Wonderful view! Your garden and your peppers! They are so beautiful... Here I buy small pots of peppers and put on my balcony. My garden is only one meter.
Larry, can you remember someone in FT who said had no interesting pictures to post ?
Sep 03 2009 04:10 GMT Lucky222
They do look spicy!!!
Sep 11 2009 13:20 GMT aquiles PRO
Sep 12 2009 03:30 GMT larrybenedict
And pretty on the plate as well Aquiles. I sauteed them with some onions, garlic, olive oil and white wine, then added basmati rice and black beans. A quick and easy dish.
Sep 12 2009 13:41 GMT Kaska
Hot tea without sugar works best... better than Indian dance at least ;)
just remember to wash your hands before you go to the bathroom ;)
Love the story Larry. We used to have the hot and the sweet peppers growing in my mum's garden... and you never knew how hot the one you picked would be ... and sometimes just the tip was hot. My dad is best at making onion, tomato and pepper dish... we'd get so use to the hot peppers that we wouldn't notice it anymore while visitors would burn their tongue :)
Sep 13 2009 01:06 GMT larrybenedict
Mirka, I can't imagine anything hot giving comfort to a tongue on fire. (Fight fire with fire may apply?). Last year I grew some peppers that were 'billed' as spicy, but I didn't notice even a hint of heat and they were very sweet and thick walled. One morning, before putting my contact lens in my eyes, I decided that the peppers were so good I would save the seeds that had been drying on my window sill in the kitchen. I just rubbed them off the 'pod' into an envelope and sealed them up for later planting. After that, I washed my hands as usual, and proceeded to put in my contact lens. Whoa!!!
My right eye burned worse than my mouth ever has and was red all day. I scrubbed my hands again before putting in the other contact lens. I've very careful now about handling pepper seeds in the morning.
Sep 13 2009 06:41 GMT Kaska
We've learned the hot tea treatment from our Hungarian friends. They use lots of hot peppers in their kitchen. We also learned to wash hands thoroughly after handling even the "sweet peppers" and yes, seeds are the ones that have the most heat...
Sep 17 2009 04:51 GMT lunacrout
These look so pretty - I'm a chilli addict and put it in - just about - every thing. We grow many different types on our terrace but I don't have any photos as yet :-)
Sep 17 2009 22:51 GMT larrybenedict
Lunacrout. I grow most of my peppers in large pots. They live for years and years, and some grow into trees if the pots are large enough. The climate I live in is very similar to Andalucia's I think.
Oct 12 2009 23:25 GMT megmet PRO
Your garden looks very interesting Larry.
Like you I grow lots of things in pots, it's a lot to do with the climate here...it gets so hot that lings have to be moved in and out of the shade at various times of the year.
I've just planted a chili, can't stand the things myself, but they are a very pretty shade of red as they ripen. :-)